• Terror Babies, The Scary New Threat Against America

    August 13, 2010 9:39 am 13 comments
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    Over the past year, over 64,000 terror babies have been born in America. There is a good chance you have crossed one in your day-to-day life. Terror babies represent a hidden threat to you and your family, one that could see your family blown up, poisoned or even held for ransom. Being prepared to defend against them is of paramount importance, for your life and your loved ones.

    What Is A Terror Baby?

    Terror babies are the product of a new, complex and patient plot being cooked up by today’s terrorists. These terrorists are hiring pregnant women, namely Mexican women, to sneak into America and have children.

    These children, by technicality, are American citizens and have full rights once born on American soil. After being born and getting their birth certificates, these children are then sneaked back into Mexico, where they will then be shipped back to the Middle East.

    At this point terrorists will indoctrinate all of these children with a burning hate for America. They will wind them up with nothing but anger and contempt for Americans. Some twenty years later, they will unleash these babies — now fully grown — back into America to murder your children and your grandchildren.

    These terror babies will be able to get back into America, because remember, twenty or thirty years earlier, their illegal immigrant mother sneaked into our country and popped them up, granting them citizenship. This means that every year, nearly 100,000 terror babies and future terrorists against America are being breeded.

    This plot was uncovered by the Texas State Legislature through several secret officials in the Mexican high command and also Iran terror regime.

    They report the terror baby operation is already in full motion and America is at risk, twenty years or so down the road.

    What Can We Do To Stop Terror Babies?

    First, report any suspicious looking, pregnant Mexicans to your local authorities. If we can catch these Mexican mothers before they give birth, we can beat the clock and return them to their lands before they give live birth. These children will then be born Mexican, and not American.

    Next, refuse to help illegals. Do not give them jobs. Do not give them medial treatment. Let them bear the full force of the summer sun by not giving them shelter or a ride to where they need to go, especially if they are pregnant. This will force them to think twice before coming into our country, to only sell their kids back to terrorists on the black market.

    Third, enforce our laws. America has the right to shoot at legals trying to sneak into our country. Volunteer, at least one weekend a month, to get licensed with the government and help patrol freedom by guarding our borders. As a Border Control official, you can help control the illegal population.

    Much like with Homegrown Terrorists, Terror Babies represent a grave threat to our nation. Let us look forward to the day when we wipe all terrorists off the map and we can read reports in Nature about their type being extince. Glory.

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