• Terrorists Try To Build Secret Mosque at Ground Zero, God Says No

    August 3, 2010 5:11 pm 31 comments
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  • The Betrayal of the Protector

    On September 11, 2001, America was attacked by those who hate freedom. Tears were shed for our fallen compatriots, and also, the fate of those who dared attack our great nation, for the wrath of America is great and all who stand against us will dwell in the Lake of Fire and Brimstone.
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    9/11.  Forever those two numbers will bring tears to the eyes of even the angels in heaven. On that fateful day, atheist Muslims joined forces to blow up our Twin Towers in New York City. Our noble leader, Christian President George W. Bush, spoke to God and vowed revenge for the loss they inflicted upon not only us, but humanity itself, on that fateful day.

    And we did. With the power of God behind us, we ordered our military to tear down Saddam Hussein’s kindgom of iniquity. We bombed his forces back into the Stone Age and found him cowering in a sand dune, kneeling before the polished loafers of President George W. Bush and the forces he lead against terror.

    Still, the pain was there. We hurt because after all the good we have done for the Arab world, in protecting our oil over there and protecting their people, they betrayed us with such a heinous attack on a day of infamy.

    The Mosque At Ground Zero
    Even after having been handed a sound defeat in Iraq, the terrorists remain of great resolve and emboldened mind to offend America at every turn. They continue to cause skirmishes in Iraq and now even in Afghanistan. Even in America, they sow the seeds of lies into the minds of gullible Americans to to encourage Homegrown Terrorism, a true threat to us all.

    Beyond all this, however, stood an even greater offense. Somehow, someway, the terror leaders conspired with lazy officials in New York city to build a giant $100 million dollar Arab Mosque at Ground Zero.

    This $100 million dollar Arab Mosque was to stand on the ground where 3,000 Americans were murdered by Muslim terrorists. This mosque, even by simply design and idea, is no more than a giant offense to not only our nation’s Christian heritage, but morever, to every family affected by the tragedy of 9/11.

    America is once more united in outraged anger, old wounds freshly picked upon by the harsh and heartless antics of shrill Arabs. Why would these people want to build a giant shrine of offensive message upon the grounds where their extremists exterminated thousands of innocent Americans in the most cowardly way possible?

    Why would these people conspire to build this shrine behind our backs and try to ensure its completion by use of legal loopholes and documents, forcing us to accept its offensive creation?

    I don’t care why they want it built. I have no care of their desire.  Neither do you.  The only thing we care about is our will, and we will not accept such an offense and neither will any other true American ally!

    Ground Zero is still marred and scorched by the heinous attacks. Forever will our hearts, souls and minds be tortured with anguished memories of what happened on that fateful day. The memories are burned deeply and have branded resentment and pain. If anything, Ground Zero should have a giant church and monument, with business offices on top, to celebrate our nation’s Judeo-Christian origins and Puritan system of values that lead to our leading mercantilism, fueling us being the world’s true moral, militaristic and economic power.

    A mosque at Ground Zero is an offense to our nation’s founding fathers. It is an offense to those who fought to get and protect freedom in America: President George Washington, Crispus Attucks, Harriet Tubman, President Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, the Greatest Generation of World War II, Martin Luther King, President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush.

    Defying the Will of God and America
    God does not stand for terrorism and neither does any decent American. Terrorists stand against America and hate our freedoms: you are either with us or against us. One cannot straddle the line of supporting a terrorist in any initiative, then trying to claim to be an American.

    Even in the face of these facts, New York Governor Michael Bloomberg poses in front of The Statue of Liberty and dares to support this mosque. Let us not forget that Michael Bloomberg is a lifelong professional turncoat.

    In 2001, Bloomberg left the Democratic Party and claimed to be a Republican. We trusted Bloomberg to hold the office of true Christian and longtime mayor Rudy Giuliani, the hero of 9/11. What we found is that Bloomberg has switched his allegiance from Republican to ‘independent’ and apparently that means, he can just ignore America’s will and build a mosque at Ground Zero as a testament to all who stand against America and our freedoms!

    No mosques in our hallowed ground, it is against the will of the American people, it is against God and therefore, it is against our Bible and American Constitution.

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