• The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Has Been Solved, By The Bible

    August 8, 2010 7:40 pm 41 comments
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    The Bermuda Triangle, known also as the Devil’s Triangle, is a region of the western Atlantic Ocean. Over the years hundreds of sea vessels and even aircraft have been mysteriously ripped from the oceans and the skies, never to be seen again.

    Speculation as to what happened to these vessels has varied through the years. Some say it was extraterrestrials, aliens. Others say it may have been simple and coincidental pilot error. Others say it was something supernatural.

    Theories abound and stories flourish, and you can read about them all here. It is said the simplest answer is often the right one, and after praying about this phenomena, God allowed me to think and discover how so many ships are being taken down in what scientists say is the “Devil’s Triangle”.

    Satan’s MO Exposed

    The Bermuda Triangle is not of Satan. That is fact. Theologians and godless atheists alike agree with this fact. Satan has tried to convince mankind he is responsible to, one, seem more powerful and two, to veil the truth.

    To understand what is going on in the Bermuda Triangle, let us first open our Bibles to Genesis, Chapter 3. When you have it, please say Amen and then stand for the reading of the word of God.

    Genesis 3:24 – “So He drove out the man:and He placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims,and a flaming sword which turned every way,to keep the way of the tree of life.”

    For the backstory here, God created Adam and Eve. Everyone knows this fact. Some time after creation, Eve was walking, naked, in the forest and talking to a serpent, who of course was Satan and that’s why that particular snake could talk.

    He convinced Eve to eat forbidden fruit, and she partook in his offer — against the Rules of God — and had Adam eat too, we all know that historical account as well.

    After Adam confessed of eating the tree, God had to punish all mankind. A part of punishment was mankind being banned from the Garden of Eden, for all time. God dispatched special angels, named Cherubim, to eternally block the entrance to the Garden of Eden with flaming swords. Let us not forget this part. The cherubim’s company took a triangulated formation and wielded flaming swords that blocked the entrance to the Garden of Eden, from every direction.

    The cherubim and their flaming swords are integral to understanding the mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle.

    The Great Flood to Modern Day
    After the fall of mankind, man continued to sin: murders, gay acts and false idol worship. Mankind grew further and further away from being the Children of God, and instead, the beasts of iniquity.

    God’s frustration grew so much with mankind that his wrath boiled over, and as a result, he decided to flood the Earth and only save one family, that of Noah’s, and almost all animals.

    During this great flood, everything on Earth was covered, including the Garden of Eden. Before the flood, the land of Earth was actually one giant super-continent, named Rodinia.

    Figure 1.2Rodinia, the first supercontinent of Earth, was all covered with water. When the great flood came to an end, as pictured on the left, much land had eroded and some even remained covered, as seen to the left. The Garden of Eden, located in what is now the Atlanic Ocean (image does not account for continental drift over 4,000 years), remains covered to this day. 

    As you can see, Earth was flooded and when the lands again emerged, we can start to see the continents that are currently in existence. God was so angry he broke the Earth apart during the flood, and left some lands flooded. Such is the case with the Garden of Eden.

    Methane Explosions, Mystery Solved
    Remember our angelic friends, the Cherubim, from up above? And their swords?

    The angels in Heaven, the Cherubim, are still guarding the Garden of Eden. Even though it is deep beneath the ocean, and now covered with sandy Earth and miles of seawater, their swords still burn strong and block the entrance to the Garden of Eden.

     They are like mighty statues, standing attention and unwavering in their duty to God.

    Their swords use natural gas to burn, and the main component of natural gas is methane.

    Scientific analysis of natural gas reveals that it is robust, with a strong dipole moment of 108.7 shows how and why methane is responsible for the actions seen in the Atlantic.

    When methane builds up, it explodes.  These massive explosions are powerful enough to sink a ship or shoot a torent of steamed water so high into the sky, it rips a plane right apart and brings it down to a murky fate.

    The fact the the Cherubim’s swords are now under water, burning through so many thousands of years, explains why there is such a a high methane component in the Bermuda Triangle region.

    Their swords cause the methane in the water, and then random acts of combustion occur, sometimes wiping out man-made vehicles that are in the way.

    This is the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, an act of science due to events that unfolded, all the fault of the woman, Eve.

    Mystery:  The Bermuda Triangle
    Status: Solved
    Explanation: Methane from the ocean-buried Cherubim, guarding the garden of Eden. Impetus to events started by Eve, the first human female.

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