• The Blaze Glenn Beck, Another Partner in Morality at TheBlaze.com

    August 31, 2010 5:11 pm 18 comments
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  • Following the success of our “Restore Honor” rally in last week, our good friend and American leader Glenn Beck has launched an ally site in morality: Blaze.com.

    America was created by the people. For the people. From the furnances of oppression and servitute, we have forged one nation under God, where All Men are created equal.

    Last week, we joined with over 500,000 Americans to stand up for America. Our fathers have fought to make this land what it is.

    We have fought off the bounds of a slave culture, engulfing ourselves in a Civil War against Southern Democrats who were loyalists to Britain and did not believe all men were created equal.

    We overcame.

    Our brave men crossed the cold Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, on a fateful mission that would eventually save the world from NAZI, Asian and cold Soviet oppression.

    We overcame.

    We have fought in our society to assure that the most noble beliefs of our mose wise leaders, that America remains a soveriegn nation — so eloquently refined by Dwight D. Eisenhower as One Nation Under God, in Whom We Trust — that will always stand for true values and true morality. That we be a light for all who look upon us.

    It is so sad that liberals work to tear our great Christian nation asunder. They try to corrupt our nation with communism. The sell out the values of our children and families for a quick buck and for perverted new agendas. The liberals of America have no scruples or heart, and they are elists. The very Democrats who enslaved a people and have perverted our culture time and time again wage a constant media war.

    They try to twist their actions, to make them seem normal. They are not. Now we have one other staunch conservative ally, in addition to the likes of Michelle Maukin or even well-renowned journalist,

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