• The Dirty Girl Trend: Is There Anything Less Attractive Than a Young, Promiscuous Coke Addict Who Doesn’t Bathe?

    August 18, 2010 6:21 pm 64 comments
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  • the dirty girl trend

    As children mature into adulthood, it is vital for them to develop the skills and self-disciple necessary for successful living in today’s dramatically diverse society. They are expected to handle money wisely, be respectful of their elders, be faithful to their spouses if married, support the needs of the family and obey the laws of the land. In other words, along the difficult path to their early 20s, an individual should progress systematically from dependency to independency, from irresponsibility to responsibility.

    Sadly, there are often cases where girls get off track. They chase the independence of adulthood while still being saddled with the narcissism and irresponsibility of childhood. We have an epidemic of young people today afraid of hard work and afraid of faith. Add to this a contemporary culture that openly celebrates drug abuse and rampant sex as a band-aid for low self-esteem and the results are a veritable Three Mile Island of depravity.

    One horrifically heart-wrenching example is the trend of the so-called “dirty girl.” It is something promoted by child stars such as Mary-Kate Olsen and Mischa Barton and celebrated by urban fashion magazines. In an article entitled, “Twilight of the Dirty Girl” in this week’s New York Observer, Irina Aleksander sets up the typical appearance of this type of person as follows:

    “Late last week, in a moment that feels particular to the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, a girl in her early 20s with long, seemingly unwashed brown hair, stained denim cutoffs, scuffed boots and a loose white tank top that exposed lacy bra straps rode by on a bicycle and caught the attention of a 31-year-old man.”

    “She belonged to the species of Dirty Girl that have been shuffling around this city for years: youthful, thrifty, indifferent to grooming-and in possession of an undeniable and confounding sex appeal.” –Irina Aleksander, “Twilight of the Dirty Girl”.

    the dirty girl trend

    I would add that the Dirty Girl is a young woman who has adopted a hateful view towards the world around her. She feels entitled to the red carpet treatment despite the fact she is unemployed and unsuccessful. She will mimic the deadbeat celebrities she sees on programs such as Entertainment Tonight and Entourage, mocking hardworking people behind her gold sunglasses as she high heels her way out of bed, woken by the itch of pubic lice and bedbugs, spending the few remaining sunlight hours flirting without completion on Facebook and then dining on a cigarette for dinner, followed by a nap and then a night at the clubs and bars. She will wear as little as possible, having already gone several days without underwear or a shower. After a bit of a blackout, we may see her again sitting in the laps of older men in after-hours black brick basements, hoping they buy her an expensive cocktail or a bag of street drugs. In return, these men yearn for the variety of unsafe and anonymous sexual positions she offers, positions that their future wives will never agree to willfully.

    Our young girl rarely pays attention to the faces of the smarmy predators she so wantonly offers her bruised and emaciated body up to on the mucous-covered cocaine mirror that has become her post-collegiate life. Many will never comprehend the terrible shame that their very existences have fallen into until it’s too late. Maybe our girl won’t even make it that far. Drug addiction, disease or recklessness will unfortunately kill a number of these young women.

    “Likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.” –1 Timothy 2:9-10.

    “You shall not make any cuts on your body for the dead or tattoo yourselves: I am the Lord.” –Leviticus 19:28.

    the dirty girl trend

    The Dirty Girl trend could be described as an offshoot of the “hipster” style that is popular among white, upper middle class children today. These are kids who have grown up with the monetary fruits of a thriving Democracy, bombarded by the liberal “anything goes” messages of our media and suddenly in possession of an adult body whose libidinal urges they have not been taught to master. The difference, however, is that the Dirty Girl does not embrace the irony and sarcasm of the hipsters. She is strangely more fashion conscious and cultivates her filthy look with demanding precision. The lion’s share of her money will be spent on drugs, particularly cocaine. And this drug addiction will lead her into many situations that could be construed as prostitution, i.e. she will readily trade her body for a “bump” of that deadly Columbian export.

    Why are our young men attracted to such girls?

    The lure of easy fornication may be too much for a man who does not appreciate the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. For others, it’s the constant messages of hardcore sexuality that are broadcast every day on the mainstream media. These images infect a young man’s mind with intercourse beyond all else, including work and family. Some will operate from the same vile greed as pimps and pornographers. They see a child-like body and lust for its innocence and simplicity. They suffer from a violent urge to deface decency and righteousness and for them this means throwing a young women down on a grease-stained couch for acts as offensive as sodomy in the ghetto apartments of America as loud rap music gives them a beat to which they can thrust their sweaty hips.

    the dirty girl trend

    The truth many are unwilling to accept is that sexual intercourse is meant to be hard and precious. Yes, most enjoy it but it should be enjoyed as a reward for goodness and family life. It is the ultimate testament to the act of procreation, of bearing offspring that you can look down upon fondly from the beautiful and comfortable chair of parenthood. God created the joys of sex not as the background rhythm for the overcrowded party of youthful indulgence, but rather to show us that adults may delight in the blessings of love and privacy.

    As a society, we must confront these youth trends that crop up like weeds in the cracks of modern existence. We all need to be reminded that the key to avoiding the pernicious influence of the Dirty Girl is to give your child the gift of Jesus Christ. What could be more wonderful than having a loving relationship with the Lord and Savior? What greater sense of self-worth and self-esteem could one have than knowing that the Creator of the universe knows us personally? That He values me more than all of the inanimate objects of Earth combined; that He understands my pains and hunger; that He embraces me in his bosom when no one else will; that He can turn my absence into presence; that He actually died for my many sins; that our next life will be far better with the most glorious lifting of all pain and suffering as we revel in the ecstasy of His eternal glory? This is the beautiful and joyous trend that our children should be taking up, it is the hopeful and wise answer to all life’s ills, it is the one answer that surpasses all others.


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