• The Source of Jennifer Aniston’s Curse Is Revealed

    August 25, 2010 11:52 am 10 comments
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  • Jennifer Anniston. The quintessential beauty, the girl next door.

    Jennifer Joanna Aniston was born on February 11, 1969, and gained worldwide popularity for her role as Rachel Green on hit NBC television sitcom, Friends. For this role, Jennifer earned an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award.

    Moreso, Jennifer Aniston won the heart of America.

    Jennifer Aniston is truly an actress who has it all: casual beauty, immense stage presence and a personality to bubble. With these qualities, it is very hard to imagine that since her time on Friends, her career and personal life have been far less than ideal.

    For instance, last weekend, Jennifer Aniston released a new comedy named, “The Switch”. The comedy featured Aniston along with actress Juliette Lewis, a pairing that by itself should have assured box office gold.

    Instead, the movie flopped. It gained only $8.1 million over the box office weekend. After viewing the film and seeing the audience viewing-stats, critics are now demoting Aniston to a ‘tier-two’ actress status.

    It would be nice to see this is a surprise, but it fits the trend of late for Aniston’s life. Her movies have progressively bombed worse and worse, and even more, her personal life is falling apart.

    Critics say Aniston is growing more and more concerned about her aging body, to the point of being severely self-conscious and hurting the filming process of her movies. Aniston has jumped into relationships with men nearly half-her age, such as notorious womanizer John Mayer.

    Only years ago, Jennifer failed to keep Brad Pitt happy, as he left his marriage with Aniston to be with another dark actress, Angelina Jolie, who now has Pitt trapped with nearly ten children.

    Where did it all go wrong for Aniston. Why does it seem the life of this woman, blessed with an angelic beauty through-and-through, and acting talent of the caliber of Hepburn and Streep, is now being cursed, by an unseen force.

    There is a source for all of this, and it was only revealed last week:

    Jon Stewart, pictured at right. Jewish comedian Jon Stewart supports terror and makes a living by headlining a “news program” named Politically Incorrect.

    On this show, as shown in the still above, he makes fun of those who are afflicted with mental and physical illness. Stewart regals the worst of Hollywood celebrities while doing his best to pervert the values of America, all in hopes of of priming more inflammatory, rebellion-prone minds in his college-aged 18-26 year old male demographic.

    Stewart’s true colors were shown during 9/11. Before 9/11, Jon Stewart took every shot possible at our Christian leader and President George W. Bush.

    After the tragic events of 9/11 unfolded, Stewart admitted his childish attacks against the GOP should have no place against America. Stewart apologized to President Bush and America for all he had done. Stewart admitted that he and his colleagues were the ‘immature kids in the back of the class, throwing spitballs’ while President George W. Bush and our troops insured our freedoms. He pretended to atone for his sins and submit himself to the goodwill of America and to the divine wisdom of God, instilled within President George W. Bush’s confident leadership.

    Stewart, as always, lied. Only months later, he was back to making fun of our ordained leaders and defying God, despite saying “God bless” to America.

    This is the track record of Jon Stewart, a defiant Jewish boy who constantly forsakes God in oath and promise, much like the ancient children of Israel. Stewart dances before the golden calf of liberal journalism. Just like when God lead his chosen people across the Red Sea, splitting it with his breath and then giving them simple commands they agreed to abide by, only to betray it moments later, Stewart has done such to his God and country.

    And Stewart also asked Jennifer Aniston on a date in 1996.

    It is no coincidence that in 1996, where nearly every new venture she advertised failed, Aniston’s career and personal life started into a downward spiral, with every year getting worse and worse.

    Aniston tried to cover up her romantic affair and fling with Stewart, but days ago, was forced to confess their romantic trist in New York, that happened in 1995 – 1996.

    Aniston has tried to veil her brief romance with Stewart, a betrayer and man who stands against basic America — an America that Aniston represents — and its values, but now it is out in the open.

    Jon Stewart is the source of Aniston’s failures in life: her poor movie performances, inability to connect with the public and even relationship with Brad Pitt and failture to be married, with children, before turning 40.

    Aniston was tapping into a lifestyle of punishment and curses that stems back to the outskirts of ancient Egypt, where the Jews first betrayed their God. Stewart is their descendant and much like his forefather and overbearing Jewish foremothers, Stewart tests God’s patience and is not focused on doing what’s right. Aniston was cursed, but with her public confession, hopefully will now be forgiven for colluding with this man of cursed heritage.

    Hopefully, soon, Aniston will once again find her promised land of commercial and personal success.

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