• The Spreading Scourge of Homosexual “Parenting”

    August 23, 2010 8:14 am 38 comments
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  • As President of the Wichita chapter of the Coalition Of Concerned Kansans, I write this article with a sense of duty and patriotism. It’s time to step up and make a difference as an American, a wife and a mother.

    Whether or not you are aware of this or see it in your hometown, homosexuals are becoming “parents” at an alarming rate. Just the other day I found out that our neighborhood florist and his boyfriend adopted a Chinese boy named Zhong. Also, many famous homosexuals (such as Neil Patrick Harris) choose to rent-a-womb. Money is no object for these Hollywood types, so they pay some desperate woman to deliver a baby for them. American Idol Clay Aiken took a similar path. This is unnatural and unacceptable.

    NOTE: Throughout this article, I have put quotation marks around the words “parents” and “parenting” in reference to homosexuals. This is to differentiate between homosexuals raising children and normal couples who are real parents.

    Now, you may not think this is such a big deal. A homosexual may have chipped in for your baby shower at the office. Maybe a homosexual commented on how cute your baby’s picture is on Facebook.

    But don’t be fooled by this façade.

    These people have no business raising children. You may think just because of the homosexual’s innate femininity (i.e. his love of decorating and ability to quote dialogue from female-centric films like “Steel Magnolias”) that they have maternal instincts too.

    This is dead wrong.

    And to those who claim there’s nothing wrong with being gay; who have been brainwashed by the homosexual agenda, let me borrow a phrase from my husband Herb. Last year I tried to help him put together an Ikea Entertainment Center. Well, I was doing it all wrong. So he said, “Just because the parts can fit together doesn’t mean they’re supposed to.”

    The same can be said about the deviant homosexual lifestyle.

    They adopt foreign children like accessories, treating little Umbutu from Uganda like a Louis Vuitton bag. Sure, at first they’ll be gung ho about their new baby. They may go to Olan Mills for a “family” Christmas photo. They might buy an expensive designer baby stroller. They may attend a baby yoga class once or twice. You might see them prancing around at the grocery store, buying fancy organic strained peas. But how soon before their wanton sexual drive returns? When these “daddies” yearn for the perverted homosexual merry-go-round of popping pills, snappy banter and prowling around gay bars, seductively dancing with each other, the scent of dry ice and musky desire hanging in the air?

    It’s only a matter of time before they’ll grow tired of last year’s accessory and poor Umbutu will be tossed aside like trash. Thrown away like used dental floss. Kicked around like an empty Dr. Pepper can. He will no longer be the apple of his daddies’ eye and become nothing more than a nuisance. Picture a once proud “Poppa” with one hand on his hip, spouting acidic insults such as, “Umbutu, you and your tacky little friends are raining on my Gay Pride Parade. You noisy rug rats are nothing more than braying crotch fruit!”

    Perhaps the most insidious way homosexuals become “parents” is by taking advantage of unattractive fat girls who can’t get a man. These tragic, unfeminine women are often referred to as “fag hags”. They’ll trick her into thinking she’s their friend. (Always remember: homosexuals are crafty.) They might take her shopping, do her hair and gossip with her while sipping flavored martinis. They’ll lie to her and say she has a great personality. But it’s all a ruse. They’re driven by their true goal: to get this pathetic, flabby creature pregnant so they can snatch her baby away. They’ll stop at nothing to fulfill their momentary whim of being “parents”. But their idea of “parenting” is dressing a baby in Ralph Lauren pajamas and Prada booties.

    So I urge you to do what you can in your own communities to combat this problem. Moral decay is like tooth decay: You want to catch it before it becomes so bad that your dentist gives you a Percocet prescription that your daughter steals out of the medicine cabinet the next day. It’s time to mobilize and fight back against homosexual “parenting”. Think of the future of America. Think of the sanctity of the traditional family unit. Think of poor little Umbutu from Uganda.

    Donna Wadlinger
    Wife, mother and President of the Wichita chapter of the
    Coalition Of Concerned Kansans

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