• Tuesday Laughter With Abe Goodman: The Liberal Argument Playbook

    August 24, 2010 1:30 pm 10 comments
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    Liberals. Or as I call them, LIEberals, because they lie. Only a few years ago, one of the chief liberals of our generation — the adulterer Bill Clinton, LIED under oath.

    He had an affair on our nation with the Chinese and terrorists, he had an affair on Hillary with Monica Lewinsky and then he had an affair on our hearts with Satan. The American president is the highest office anyone can attain and Bill Clinton brought shame and lies to it.

    Contrast this with good leaders such as President Ronald Reagan and President George W. Bush. Every night, President Bush prayed to God and opened his heart to receive God’s counsel and wisdom, that is why President Bush could win two terms and kept America safe after 9/11.

    Despite all this, liberals are delusional. They try to pretend that Obama is not wrecking our economy, our relations with our allies and the safety of mankind. We are tired of taxes and have created the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party, to compliment our GOP and take the needs of America to the next level, on an organized platform.

    Liberals try to say this is racist and we are only blaming Obama because he is black. What sort of nonsense is that?

    I, just like anyone else, like black people and see them no different: there are good and bad. The fact of the matter is that liberals always use the racism card or try to blame Obama’s woes on President Bush. It is like clockwork and all just a sham to avoid the issues.

    Our friend Marie Jon shared a funny cartoon today with me on Facebook. I told her I’d share it and here you go. The liberal playbook, a look into their standards for argument. Read this and then when liberals comment on various articles, or even on MSNBC and such, listen to what they are saying. It’s always accusations of ‘you’re 1) racist 2) bigot 3) it’s Bush’s fault. They never want to discuss the issues or be in reality. Typical.

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