• Urgent: Bladen Country Animal Shelter Set To Put Down These 42 Dogs in A.M., Please Adopt One

    August 23, 2010 7:22 am 9 comments
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    Jack Gould


    Meet Zeus. Like 42 other beautiful dogs currently caged in Bladen County Animal Shelter, Zeus faces death in the morning. Officials at the shelter would love for this pet, along with the others, to be adopted by someone like you.

    If you want a dog or know someone who would love a finely trained and loving pet, perhaps for a gift, then please consider adopting one of these 42 animals. We have the resources listed to get you in contact with the shelter and get this dog to you, where you can give it a chance at life and bringing happiness into the lives of others.

    Today on Facebook, I received this urgent message from my friend Sarah H. Bladen County animal shelter, in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, is set to put down these 42 beautiful dogs, as mentioned. These are all great dogs: great with kids, trained and also with other pets.

    The shelter is facing trouble with rising costs and county demands coupled with space, and therefore has to put down these 42 great dogs. They are desperately seeking people to adopt these fine animals. Transportation, shipping and such can be arranged. We have volunteers in place to help with the process. If you have a heart for animals, or know a better shelter they can be transported to, please get in touch today.

    Here are the photos of all the dogs available for you to get. Please act quickly, and at the very least, “like” this story on Facebook so your friends can also see it and spread the word. Hopefully, by the end of the day, by working together we can have all of these dogs adopted and into a new home.

    As our friend Helen states, Please, if you can save one of these dogs, contact our volunteers. Time is up and they will have to be pulled by our volunteer first thing in the morning or they will die.

    All are wonderful and excited to see people. We cannot interact with them outside of the kennels. PLEASE! THEY DESERVE A CHANCE!

    Here are the resources if you are ready to pick up one of these cute pets:

    Volunteer info:

    Tricia at Bladen Country Animal Shelter:

    You can call Tricia first by phone at 910-879-6115, or via email at: shelter.2010@live.com. Please try Tricia first before attempting to contact Silvia. Tricia is helping Silvia fielding inquiries so she can concentrate on the animals in the shelter. Thank you Tricia!*****

    Secondary contact: Silvia at 910-876-0539, or email her at bladenpets@yahoo.com.

    SHELTER FRIEND volunteers may be able to assist you and can obtain transport at a reasonable cost. Or, if you cannot adopt and would like to foster a pet please contact them via the numbers and emails listed above!

    Bladen County Animal Shelter 506 Smith Circle Elizabethtown, NC 28337 Phone: 910-862-6918 SHELTER HOURS ***NEW HOURS*** Until further notice, the shelter will be CLOSED ON TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS Please visit or call during office hours of: Monday – Wednesday – Friday 1:00 – 5:30 PM Saturday 9:00 AM to 12 Noon

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