• Weapon of The Mexicans: Barefoot Gloves

    August 20, 2010 9:01 pm 4 comments
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  • My Fellow Comrades:

    I bring you terrible news! The Mexicans have brought forth a greater weapon to help themselves run across the border ten times faster than ever! This is a serious threat! They do not belong here in the United States! They need to take the advice of my good friend Abe Goodman, and “GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY!”

    The new weapon they have is similar to the biking glove which has a firm grip on the palm side and soft texture on the other side for easy breathing of the hands/feet. It is designed for long distance running, but without the hassle of the sock and shoe. The Mexicans have peeked into their own history and have learned that their ancestors were great runners of long distances, so they have taken it upon themselves to invent something that could withstand their own heavy filthy selves to come across our borders and take our women, children, jobs, and freedoms for granted! I cannot bear to think of may happen in the future!


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