• Woman Disposes Cat Vermin In Bin, Angry Cat Activists Identify Her and Now Threaten To Kill Her

    August 24, 2010 1:54 pm 27 comments
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    Cats are a spreading vermin across many communities, worldwide. Unchecked, within most local biomes cats have no natural predators and high reproductive rate, meaning the population of stray cats can dangerously explode within any locale.

    Using the following population growth model:

    And correcting for time varying capacity:

    We quickly find that in a standard community in spring time environmental conditions, with a standard flora and fauna for a Midwestern neighborhood, that an initial population value of 40 cats (male and female), can, within 5 years, explode to over 40,000.

    In addition to acquiring vermin status with such a high growth rate, such numbers would threaten to offset the values for any biome.

    A woman aware of this fact simply decided to start throwing stray cats away, in the garbage. Some cat activists caught wind of this conservationists efforts to protect native species from cats, and in a malicious act set-up a video camera, to obtain an image of this woman.

    These activists spread this video around on YouTube and various news sites, exposing this woman and getting people riled up in hate. This woman is now in police protection because cat owners and activists are after her. How could anyone in their right mind try to punish a conservationist, with mob tactics, for trying to protect the environment from the results of irresponsible cat owners.

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    This is all more proof of how cats are evil and should be close to exterminated. Cats should not be completely wiped out, but at such a low level that they are always listed as ‘endangered’. People who own cats always fall to the wiles of Satan, doing surprising things as bad as video-taping a poor grandmother who’s trying to do what’s right, then reporting her to their friends and planning a mob to attack her.

    Let’s look at this video. Simply shocking:


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