• Yoko Ono Sings Scary New Song At Art Museum

    August 31, 2010 4:38 pm 3 comments
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    The Beatles are arguably one of the most talented, yet dangerous, bands of all time.  Toward the end of the band’s historic run in the musical charts, a woman named Yoko Ono mysteriously entered into the foursome’s company.

    Yoko Ono was the companion and wife of the most musically talented Beatle, John Lennon. There are arguments out there as to if John’s vocal and catchy song-writing abilities were natural, or perhaps negotiated in a light-night meeting with Satan, somewhere in London. There are many supernatural and spiritual references in Lennon’s songs, and it does lead creedence to such a theory. Unfortunately, such topics are out of the scope of today’s article.

    Many Beatle’s fans claim Yoko Ono was the catalyst to the dissolvement of the Beatles. She would take up too much of John’s time. She would interfere with their rehersals, creating tension between all the Beatles — especially John Lennon and the jealous, mediocre, Paul McCartney.

    For years, it was easy to overlook such claims. Was Yoko Ono really a distraction? Which she really a possessed hell-spawn sent to stop the band from progressing from the drug-addled days to later, more seasoend and wise days, of inspirational music for the World?

    Not it is hard to say. Yoko Ono decided to open an exhibit at an art museum. The exhibit is called something to the effect of, “A Soprano sings out”. Unless the soprano is a sickly cat, being choked by the angry hands of that cranky British cat-in-trashbin lady, I’m not buying it. This is pretty scary and I’d estimate, with a 94% level of confidence, that something here is foul and Satan may have actually had his hands in the Beatles. Warning: The following video contains footage that may show an actual demon possesion, under the mask of a ‘singing famous soprano’. Please be advised, praying and ordering your women/children out of the room before review.

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