• YouTube Gays Try To Deny God’s Iceland Wrath, Reverend Clyde H. Higgins Warning

    August 4, 2010 2:47 pm 22 comments
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    The gays are a lippy, sassy bunch. They always try to find ways to speak out against God’s will and flagrantly flap their flamboyancy in the face of the Almighty! As if they won’t burn in the eternal fury of hell’s fiery flames for their fecal sins!

    Only months ago, God poured out his wrath upon Iceland by igniting volcano Eyjafjallajokull and puffing his nostrils, a tiny show of his power that produced a world of hell on Earth. Iceland approved gay marriage and God showed his protest of their actions by melting Iceland with the heated lava of his wrath! Gays ran in fear and panic and Iceland melted and we can even see images of God’s true anger first hand!

    After all of this proof of why God burned Iceland, there are still those out there who try to deny all of it and say it was just a random act of nature, that just ‘coincidentally’ occurred right after Iceland approved gay marriage. They are trying to act like The Bible does not warn us that God will blow smoke from his nostrils and cause great peril when he is very angry with Earth’s sins.

    Here in this video, we see a gentleman sits back on his couch and dares condemn our good friend and esteemed Reverend Clyde H. Higgins. Reverend Higgins I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, along with his wife. They are fine people of God and and love the Bible. They love America and are good stewards of the faith. Why would someone not take the warning of Reverend Higgins and let it compel their hearts to morality and before the Throne of Grace is beyond me.

    You can see how the libearl media tries to twist facts in this following video, of which I do no appreciate the tone or them trying to imply Reverend Higgins was somehow wrong in the fact that Iceland was melted and there was great chaos there due to them having gay marriage. There is video and picture evidence, and the media even reported on it for weeks as rescue planes could not even land in all of Europe while God’s anger was unleashed. Watch this video and just be amazed at how liberals can try to twist facts.

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