• Afghanistan Muslims Burn American Flag To Celebrate 9/11!

    September 9, 2010 11:27 am 23 comments
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    As I looked through the news wire today, this is what I see!

    Outrage! Anger! War!

    Afghanistan is seen here burning our flag! To the left is their president and to the right their secretary of war! We went to Afghanistan to bring them freedom and this is the thanks we get!

    Liberals are trying to see this is but retaliation for a Koran burning a small church intiated, but that’s just an excuse! No one here is burning the Muslim flag! No one here is burning their symbol!

    This is offensive. For years now I’ve warned, Muslim Afghanistan has no morals or culture! They lack a egalitarian worldview and no respect for America!

    I could only wish this were 1100 anno domini and I was given a legion to ride our horses into Afghanistan! I could only wish I were the president and had the football! Touchdown, a nuke drop right in Kabul!

    I would drop nuke, after nuke, after nuke! Look at them burn our flag, I would burn them twice over!

    My friends, America is a peaceful nation. We are the land that brought order to the world by defeating the savage NAZIs and Germany, finally bringing Europe to peace. We have healed Africa and brought the Asians into proper technology and customs, piggybacking their lesser culture into the 21st century.

    The Muslim Arabs are so stubborn, my friends. They live in sand hovels. They throw rocks and now they have mastered fire, look what they use it to do. They use it to burn the world’s symbol of freedom and hope: The American Flag.

    Whose broad stripes and bright stars inspired so many countries to cast off the yoke of oppression, and step forward in the light of freedom. We have saved Afghanistan from Soviet Russians and even the deadly Hamas Al Qaedas. Now this is the thanks we get.

    Afghanistan now has everything they have coming to them. Plague, suffering and death! We have helped them, and now on the eve of 9/11 they repay us by throwing false idol parties in the street and burning America in effigy.

    I will watch the weather and my eyes will have tears as I see God casting sandstorms upon them, casting 9.8 magnitude earthquakes upon them, droughts, putrid odors and other great calamity. This is the fate of those who stand against God, and therefore, those who stand against America!

    Burn! You will burn Afghanistan and I will feel sorry for your souls, but you have brought it upon yourself! God is going to get you.

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