• America’s Got Talent Week 15: Prince Poppycock Perverts the American Dream with Gay Agenda

    September 12, 2010 12:45 pm 11 comments
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  • The angels of our founding fathers weep with tears of sorrow from heaven up above. George Washington laments on the shoulder of real men like Thomas Jefferson and John Quincy Adams, who created America to be a land of opportunity and hard work.

    There is a contestant on America’s Got Talent named “Prince Poppycock”. He is a walking, breathing gay agenda. He is trying to make kids think it is normal to paint your face in white paint and be frilly! He is trying to make it look normal to sashay and sing ballads and everyone is supposed to think this nonsense behavior is proper for a man!

    And they let this claptrap air on national tv. What is sick is that Poppycock’s name is what gay’s call their satan scepters when they get each other excited with sin. Now if Prince Poppycock wins, children nationwide will say tht word and then giggle, then start to think about gay thoughts.

    In this video, we see Poppyscepter is frolicking on stage and making a mockery of our patriotism. He is trying to claim that the founding fathers would not take a gay, tie him up in the town square and paint a giant G on his chest for “Gays will burn in hell!” and let children throw tomoatoes at him, before a tar and feather in a 20 foot vat. Then fire!

    All of that is no comparison to what happens to gays in hell, so hopefully Poppysins here knows his fate is twice as worse for sullying the message and dream of our Saints Forefathers of America. They are among heaven’s chief angels and us such, that means they find gays just as repugnant as our Lord. It is all in the Bible. Warning: The following video media contains footage of a gay costume making mockery of our American Christian tradition and trying to claim that the founding fathers would vote to allow gays to get married to each other. This is a veil lie and demand your wife and children leave the room before angrily viewing this video.

    You can text this how and what my church does is on vote night for this show, we all gather together and vote for the angel child Jackie Evancho. I also tried to call into the show and demand they take the gay prince of the show or get boycotted, but the person who answered said they will not comply and just offered to give me five free tickets to winner’s show. I refused.

    The founding fathers created our nation’s constitution. They declared America was supposed to be a land of morality and truth. The American Dream is for a man to marry a woman, and have children, then enjoy our God given freedom. The nuclear family is what the founding fathers loved and adored.

    Gays hate families. If they loved family, they would get married to the opposite gender as God created us to do. Instead, they waste their secret parts and abilities on gay sins.

    There is a ‘dragger queen’ transgenic on American Television show America’s Got Talent and America, we must vote him off. Vote for Jackie Evancho because she is a proper child from a good family. She has the voice of an angel and sings music that brings a smile to God’s face.

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