• Atheists Create “20 Sexiest Christian Girl Groups” To Mock Gospel Music

    September 24, 2010 12:49 pm 77 comments
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  • Atheists is taken from the Greek, literally meaning “No God” or more simply put, “He Who Shall Burn in The Hottest Flames of Hell For All Time and Get Skewered Like A Little Whore Scamp for Not Believing in God”.

    Atheists are mean and vile. They support abortion. They support gays snatching our children off of the playgrounds and making them play merry-go-round in the back of their black duct tape window vans. The atheists want everyone to think gays are normal people when in reality, only a sick, demented person would support gay fascination with children.

    Before liberals chirp out from their little squawk limb, please tell me this. Why is it that gays so badly want to adopt children? Why are they fascinated with this when clearly, it is against democracy since the majority of Americans are normal and don’t allow gays?

    Silence. Exactly what I thought.

    Now if these things were not bad enough, atheists have just dug themselves a new hole. Before we start, let’s also not forget that atheists have taken time out of their schedule to offend us with:
    Zombie Jesus Jokes From Atheists
    Atheists Continue To Disrespect Easter With Zombie Jesus Jokes, Photographic Sacrilege
    Atheists Train Children to Boycott Christians (photographic evidence)
    Crazyed Atheists Violently Savage Eldery Pastor’s Dog

    The list of their high crimes pile up and none of them are misdemeanors. They all warrant a trip to hell’s infirmary and the electric fire chair.

    Why is it that atheists must mock good people? For one, it is not very nice. Why can they not have love in their hearts and respect in their inner-man?

    Atheists claim to be humanists, but deep down, they hate humanity. It’s that hate that will deliver them face first into the burning coals of hell, where I could only wish to be a mission angel that got to take a shovel and fill them from the belly-up until hot coals spilled from their sooth mouths!

    They are lucky God is kind and forgiving, because I would gladly think of millions of ways of watching these cold-hearted scum burn until ever their screams melted with agony, again and again.

    I am upset today because in my holymailbox forward, I got a nasty email from an atheist. These scum lifes have nothing better to do than ATTN: Abe and then a nasty message!

    Today they have bragged about creating a list called the “20 Sexiest Christian Girl Gospel Groups” and then go on to mock what look to be quality artists. I am appalled and hurt that ugly people like this exist. We should have known that if atheists are hateful enough to mock our Lord, then why not an innocent young women.

    Here’s what they sent me, and I’ve omitted the nasty messages in some of these because they are lewd and disgusting.


    1. Abiding Love

    Here, we see the creeps attack Abiding Love, calling them little “smurfette strumpets” and making to them “hammering Papa Smurf’s sickle straight”. 

    First of all, Smurfs was a cartoon about happiness and how those who don’t work will starve.  It was teaching children the value of hard school work and the evil of gays who own cats.

    Now, I hope these gay atheists know that Satan is no stranger to boxing and will beat their faces until they are blue.

  • 2. The Shank Sisters Trio

  • They call this one the “Skank Sisters” and then went on to say that “If every venereal disesase had to be attributed to a religion, we’d call this the Amazing Technicolor Chlamydia”.  I found that very offensive and prayed three sweat brow prayers to curse all their lives and hope their children fall ill.

  • 3. The Joyful Sounds

  • What a lovely trio, but unfortunately, some hate mongrels cannot appreciate natural beauty.  Here, the perps who emailed me said these women were “Space Captain Kirk’s Rejects”, giving me an idea that they are probably Star Wars/Star Trek afficiandos.

    Gene Roddenberry was a Jewish Socialist.  I cannot think of a race that could make God even more angry.  In addition to belonging to the people who still refuse to recognize our Christian nation’s Lord and Savior, the communists are the most foul religious group to walk the Earth.

    Communism and atheism are one in the some, and as such, deserve the nuke treatment.  It took a Cold War, President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II tricking the commies with “Star Wars” to get their little socialist utopia imaginations going.  The fools failed to realize that even if we did have a Star Wars laser satellite program, there was no way they could have equaled it. 

    Now we see Mother Russia begs in our bread lines and trembles before the might of America.  Soon the day will come for all atheists, as their sulfur-scented hooves tap dance on the lava rocks of hell, shaking before the might of us in the Heavenly Hosts.

  • 4. The King’s Daughters


    These young women are lovely, yet some childish people out there call them bad playground names.  Here, we see they have used II Cor 12:9.  Please open this stanza in your Bible and repeat after me:

    “His Grace is Sufficient for Thee”.  Too bad this does not apply to:  atheists, illegal Mexicans, adulterers, gays, twice gays, lesbian clammers, Obama Democrats and socialists.  These are all there as a part of the corruption of America and the day will come where atheists will think getting a Medieval spike ball to the face while being seared by a vat of acid is grace and mercy compared to their punishments in hell.

  • 5. The Petticoffer Sisters

  • This picture if of young women of the Lord from a different period of time.  This is the same as going into a nursing home and punching a World War II veteran in the face.  These women are from a great generation and should have their older pictures treated with respect.  No figure:  who would expectly Godless heathens to respect their elders?

  • 6. The Gospel Velvetones

  • Atheists are racist.  They try to make fun of this image, but they just don’t like it because one of the Caucasian women in this group (Caucasians are normally white people whose genes have crossed with perhaps an Asian or darker) has an afro’s hair.  You can see her second from the right.


  • 7. The Faith Tones

  • Now in the church, when we ask Jesus to “Use Me”, we’re not saying it like a crack stripper black from the neighborhood projects.  We mean it in a moral way.

    We are asking the Lord to give us the words to use to bring people to him in love and respect. We are asking him how we can be used by him to help condemn the sinners and let them know they will sink to the lowest lava levels of hell.

  • 8. The ladies of The Gibble Family

  • Now I do question this one.  The immature sots were on about calling this family very nasty things.  I simply question their choice to bring rock and roll instruments into the church.

    Satan is able to use the strings of a guitar to reverbate sin right into your ears.  This is how ‘musicians’ such as Ozzy Osburne and Death Metallica are able to build up audiences and enslave their minds with their mush.

  • 9. The Beiler Sisters

  • These sister are but children, but just like their friends the gays, atheists see no age limit.  Here, they said these sisters were boys in curled Beatle’s wigs.  Just childish.

  • 10. The Missionaires

  • There is an apparent position called the “Missionary” in the Indian Book of Kama Sutra.  It is an outlandish act atheists claim happens in their kinky fest films where they all gather around and expose Satan sceptors and then pray to Satan as they dally without marriage holds. 

    That nasty term has nothing to do with Christian missionaries.  Since the Middle Ages, Christians have gallantly gone “out into the highway and hedges, and compelled them to come to the Lord” as ordered by the Bible.  Missionary is simply us going out to do the Lord’s work in love for our home and friends.

    From here on out, they just got nasty.  I’ll share these images for your edification. 

  • 11. The White Sisters

  • Their last name is White, there is nothing racist about good, white people who love the Lord.  Obama would like us all to think such things and to think the TEA party is racist, when it just stands for Taxed Enough Already.

    Leave it to liberals, to always try to divert away from the subject and tie in their cheap political agenda.  Obama is down to 42% approval ratings in the polls, so expect him to keep trying to play the race card to divide our nation so he can turn us all Muslim.

  • 12. The Braillettes

  • Here, we see the atheists and Goebbels are one in the same:  they hate the handicapped.  Atheists have a veiled form of eugenics called “natural selection”.  They think that people should die.

    If your child contracts Scarlet Fever.  Guess what?  Die little Samantha, daddy has to let you be naturally selected to suffer and your lungs hang from your nose, as you wheeze your last little bloody Beubonic breath of torment!

    If your wife gets sugar diabetes.  Guess what?  Die, my wife, for you shall turn into a mound of salt before the mounds of atheist glee and no insulin for they believe in only the strong survive!

    Atheism is the religion of hate.  Christians want all to live and support all these great gifts from God:  antibiotics, recombinant DNA products such as insulin and good heart medicines like hyrochlorothiazine.  We love the physically handicapped, the racially handicapped and even the gender handicapped, where atheists just breed hate.

    Why is it we had slavery until a Christian Republican, President Abraham Lincoln, abolished it?  Why was it that we had no true equal rights in America until our Christian Leader and Saintly President Ronald Reagan made it so?

    It is becaus atheists hate equality.  It is why they refuse to say the full pledge, for they hate justice for all and equality under our Lord and Savior, our Heavenly Father.  Atheists hate freedom.

  • 13. The Nightingales Baptist Memorial Hospital Glee Club

  • Sinners are often perplexed as to why good Americans have so much patience and kindness in their hearts.  How can their be people this day and age who don’t road rage, cuss or leer at exposed stocking legs.

    It’s because when you let Christ in your heart, you let him fill you up with your love.  Our Christian nation was built on love and respect for all; this is the message of Christ.

    So it goes to follow that those who follow him are in accordance with our nation’s foundation of morality and adhesion to Judea-Christian values of patriachal authority and reverence to God’s law.

  • 14. The Gospel Light Trio

  • The word of Republican righteousness for leading a good nation knows no bounds.  Here we see some Mexicans have found that they too can stay moral by bringing American into their own music and also staying in their own country.  I always find it festive how the African blacks and Indians of the Americas love to use vibrant jungle yellows and bush dweller green.  It’s really neat and shows the diversity of the word.

  • 15. The Hetrick Family

  • These are good and proper girls.  They wear proper skirts, blouses and even hats to block out the hot Sun.  How anyone can find something nasty about this image is beyond me, but these lowlifes made some pretty nasty comments about these sisters.

  • 16. Martha And The Singing Angels

  • This album reminds me of our new singing angel, Jackie Evancho.


  • 17. The Gospelaires Trio

  • This one does show off a bit too much leg I agree, but that is still not grounds to dwell on that aspect of the message and a mature gentleman would not be looking down their to get an expose of flesh foot.

  • 18. The Musical Missionettes

  • We see these women are adorned in Japanese terror robes.  Judging by the grain here, it is probably right after World War 2 were the no good Japos firebombed Hiroshima and then tried to make their way to California to kill more Americans.

    Thankfully, the Japanese are ritualistic heathens and God protected our country with a Class 9 Hurricane to blow the Japanese death attack away, until he had time to bless us with several nukes to quiet the Japanese into peaceful surrender. 

    This is the equivalent of women of today wearing Iraq burka terror outfits and singing gospel music.  Ironic, that these atheist heathens support the terror mosque but try to find something negative here.

  • 19. The Presbyterian Hospital Students Nurses Choir

  • Again, atheists hate medical progress because they believe in ‘natural selection’.  Only those with natural immunities who never get sick should die.

  • 20. When We All Come Together


    Atheists praise the Beatles for doing a cover of this song (with twisted lyrics), but try to disrespect the creators.

    No surprise there, for atheism means hate of He who Created All.  Atheists hate the creator, so how can they love his creation.

    Until next time friends, keep the faith.

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