• Australia Struck Down With Mighty Plague of Locusts

    September 25, 2010 10:58 pm 13 comments
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  • Australia, God has brought wrath upon your sin-soaked outback!

    For it is written:

    Exodus 10:4 Else, if thou refuse to let my people go, behold, to morrow will I bring the locusts into thy coast:

    Australia is a vile country. It was created several hundred years ago, when the redcoats decided to send all of their criminals to a penal colony. It was infested with a dark menace named the aboriginies, a dangerous mix of Indian and African genetics!

    The penal British named themselves Australians, which means ‘the criminal children of the blood moon’. And they live up to their namesake. They breed bizarre abominations such as the duckbilled platypus. An armadillo with a snake’s skin! Kangaroos with living birth pouches in the belly. Creatures only created by Satanic rituals of the night.

    Australia is also a socialist nation, a country who breathes heavily as its morality is complicated by the coarse rhonci of chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders of sin. Australia is an Obama scented nation, filling the nose of God with the foul odors of borderline communism.

    God has had enough! Plague!

    Last year, we saw it all in the making. From the heavens, came an unprecedented series of unnatural rainful in the dry outback. Australians thought it was their false snake gods giving them rain. Wrong. Wrong!

    It was God changing their ecosystem, priming it for the outbreak of locusts. Now, they stand on the verge of famine as their reverse winter gives way to heat and locusts burst from their coccoons and tear the country, limb from limb, man and child, animal and crop! Australia is being ravaged and there is nothing they can do but get God for mercy but just like Pharaoh found, it is too late!

    This is the wost locust plague in Australia since 1935, when God was forced to also strike down their people with Cyclone Winds . 135 died and they got lucky.

    Friends, Australia is not remaining vigiliant in the war on terror. Their peole are sinners. They have no God in their hearts. So, it comes as no surprise that God is trying to get their attention and what better way than through their bellies.

    Criminals hate to starve and it sends them in a panic. It is in Australia’s criminal genes to be panicked by such things. Let us hope these savages get the message. Stop breeding with the aboriginal primate culture. Stop betraying your duty to serve America. Put down abomination creatures. Be right, Australia, or God shall send an ever greater wrath or perhaps drown your little island under the mighty endless sea!

    God Bless,

    Reverend Clyde H. Higgins

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