• Axis of Evil Terrorists Responsible for New York Tornado Attack

    September 17, 2010 12:53 am 7 comments
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  • Horror was the scene in New York today, as an unprecedented tornado sweeped across our precious metropolis of New York City. Thousands were devestated in the wake of the whirly blast that has left a swath of destruction and chaos in its wake.

    New York Tornado weather machineNorth Korean Dictator Kim Jong-Il has longed vied for a way to hurt or cripple America. Being the dictator of a country with only one functioning city with very creepy inhabitants, however, has hampered Il’s endeavors to join with Iran and the now conquered Iraqi empire.

    Up until this day, North Korea has conducted laughable ballistic missile tests and can hardly keep electricity flowing to their one city. That is, as far as we knew.

    Today, however, we have found that North Korea has unprecedented technology. A technology that only could be produced with a country so intelligent, rich, savvy and blessed that it can end the war by dropping nukes on a belligerent enemy’s cities. That country is America!

    North Korea has stolen our weather machine technology. Up above, you saw only a taste of the proof of Il operating an unknown machine. We now know it’s sinister and know that all terrorists love attacking New York. Do the math.

    Now you readers may remember how only months ago, Bill Clinton illegally went to North Korea to ‘negotiate’ the release of several journalists. Only a few years ago, the Democrat Bill Clinton gave our nuclear secrets to China. You remember that scary story and here is the proof.

    Bill Clinton is no stranger to betraying America to drum up a headline or line his coffers, and now New York is paying the price. Hillary probably gave them the go ahead when she was New York Senator adulters’ wife!

    New York tornado originI am so angry. All of this evidence is just proof of how liberals care not for America. New York only had a tornado like this back when Jimbo Carter was president (a democrat) and we were at war with Iranian Muslims who took American hostages. Those hostages were not released until President Ronald Reagan took office and demanded their freedom.

    Freedom. That is one great word. Obama, Clinton and Jimmy Carter let our enemies walk all over us. Our brother in New York suffer today because democrats are traitors. Obama is selling us out to the Soviets. Clinton selling us out to the Asian. Jimmy Carter had no spine.

    We can only stop things like this once we vote a real president into office in 2012.

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