• Barack Obama: “We Are Giving Taxpayer Money to Help Afghan Terrorists Rebuild”

    September 4, 2010 4:36 pm 17 comments
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  • Barack HUSSEIN Obama.  His hands as dark as his soul!  You can seem them up above, with your taxpayer money!

    Look at his hands, giving out our money to the poor non-working, to the sloven crime-stats looming in the lowest parts of our Capitalist Nation of Democracy and Freedom.

    And now, if his love for giving out our hard earned money to hoodlums without healthcare was not enough, we find he is once more giving our money to Arab terrorists!


    This is the scene in Kabul, Afghanistan. Without telling Americans, overnight, Barack Hussein Obama transferred millions of American dollars to banks in Afghanistan. He gave these banks our money so that the people there could withdraw it and spend it on food and clothing, or so they claim.

    Terrorists care not for their families! They are not even real people! They care for only one thing, and that thing is this! Murder Americans!

    Terrorists bring so much trouble to our troops, sent there by United States President George W. Bush. President Bush is a Christian and knows that freedom comes at a price: we can only save Afghanistan through the peace our army can bring. Now Obama goes and reverses it all, deceived and bowing before the King of Terror himself, the Arabian Lord Saud of Al-jabba.

    So far, the Afghanees have withdrawn $300 million of our American dollars. This is at a time when our nation is in trouble. Americans are being kicked out of their homes, due to losing our jobs. Illegals are crippling our healthcare system to the point that good, hard-working Americans have to wait that much longer when going to the Emergency Rooms, as illegals get treated and are not made to wait. We have a healthcare crisis and shortage.

    Even our schools struggle, because we have to cut back on education because apparently, we have a financial crisis. If we had so much of a crisis, then why are the Afghanistan terrors, who are murdering our troops, getting $300 million of our money.

    Why did, only months ago, . He gave them more money to kill God’s original chosen people in Israel. Obama supports terrorists.

    Barack’s middle name is Hussein, I’ve told you all time and time again. This means something horrible in itself, almost as worse than the fact that he forged his birth certificates, pledges to Muslims is secret cult pacts and has given aide to terrorists who murder Americans..

    Vote Obama out! He is not a true American and must be impeached and tried for high crimes against our nation, America, and therefore, God.

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