• Best Anti-Terror Mosque Protest Signs

    September 12, 2010 3:20 am 16 comments
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    Now over nine years ago, the Yahhib Arabs bombed our World Trade Center. They bombed it because they hate our freedoms. We will never forget.

    Barack Hussein Obama has forgotten about America. When you think about it, it really is not a surprise. Obama is not an American. Obama is Afro-Kenyan. His middle name is Hussein, which in Arabic translates to “handsome assassin”. The rest of his name is also horrible and not American.

    Obama has approved of terrorists to build a mosque right on ground zero. He has given American land to foreign radicals, and they taunt us as they plan to build a $100 million dollar mosque. As Americans, we have a right to protest this mosque and if it is built, we will join with the Local 101 in New York and drive an armada of crane trucks to the doors of the mosque and batter it until it lays in ruin! This is America!

    Here is a taste of some true Americans from today, protesting the terror mosque. We will not let them build a shrine to America in our lands. We have the right of Immenent Domain in our laws, so we can ban anyone from building mosques in our Christian nation.


    Liberals try to claim the reason we hate Islam in America is because we need to be educated about it.  What they don’t understand is one thing:  we had nothing against Muslims until they brought war to us.

    They kidnapped Americans in the 70s.  They have for years tried to bomb our World Trade Center and even the Olympics in Atlanta.  They attack our friends in Israel.

    Why?  They hate freedom and they hate the Bible, even though the Bible is the very book that can set them free from their oppression

    We have idiot females like Megan Lindyke who claim to be Christian, yet fall for the Muslim trick of wanting to ‘educate Christians about why they should accept Islam’, when the Bible warns us of false prophets.  This is why women are best left to silence and just doing as the husband orders.  They will even fall for the tricks of those who murdered our fellow countrymen.

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  • This one speaks for itself.  It is no surprise to find studies which show how out of all gays, 83% of them like Islam and want us to allow it.  They think if Sharia law replaces our Biblical constitution, they will get the right to abduct and dally children and we have to accept it as being moral under Islam law.

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  • Mosque equals terror tower.  In the Bible, sinners tried to build the Tower of Babel to reach heaven and then bring their perversion there.  Of course this would be impossible, but God still punished them by causing them all to speak different languages.  They sat and cried, because they could not talk to each other any more and had to go their own seperate ways.

    The Bible doesn’t say how God disposed of the Tower of Babel, but he probably scorched it with a fastmeteor or snap his fingers to cause a massive earthquake to crumble to the sin monument down.  No different a fate waits for this terror mosque if they are allowed to build it.

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  • Osama Bin Laden jumped for joy when his good friend Obama was voted president. 

    President George W. Bush hunted down Saddam Hussein, Omar Hussein and Uday Hussein from their sandy holes, then brought them to justice!  We sent them to hell on an express one way ticket and Laden knew the same fate awaited him.

    Now with his friend in office, he’s living the good life in some Arab palace and Obama sends him our tax money to make sure he’s well taken care of.

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  • Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim terror name.  Muslim terrors attacked us on 9/11.  Therefore, Barack Hussein Obama attacked America on 9/11.  He’s guilty just like the rest of them.

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  • If Islam was so peaceful, why today did 10,ooo politicians gather in Afghanistan and on Afghan tv, show all day themselves burning tires and our flag as they chanted “Death to America!”

    Pastor Terry Jones agreed to not burn the Quran.  And look how they repay him.

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  • America has Homegrown Terrorists.  They recruit fickle people into their corrupt ways. 

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  • When Obama was elected, Muslims worldwide celebrated and praised their alah.  They held special ceremonies and said it was the realization of the prophecy of Akhenaten.

    Obama – Reincarnation of Pharoah Akhenaton?

    2:34 PM / Posted by Andre Heath /

    Are Barack and Michelle Obama the reincarnation of Pharoah Akhenaton and Queen Nefertiti of Ancient Egypt? 

    Reincarnation, literally means “to be made flesh again.” It is a doctrine or metaphysical belief that some essential part of a living being (in some variations only human beings) survives death to be reborn in a new body. This essential part is often referred to as the spirit or soul, the “higher” or “true” self, “divine spark”, or “I”. According to such beliefs, a new personality is developed during each life in the physical world, but some part of the self remains constant throughout the successive lives. 

    Akhenaton, his royal name Amenhotep in English means Effective Spirit of Aten, first known as Amenhotep IV. He is especially noted for attempting to compel the Egyptian population in the monotheistic worship of Aten, although there are doubts as to how successful he was at this. He was born to Amenhotep III and his Chief Queen Tiye and was their younger son. Akhenaten was not originally designated as the successor to the throne until the untimely death of his older brother, the Crown Prince Thutmose. 

    Amenhotep IV succeeded his father after Amenhotep III’s death at the end of his 38-year reign, possibly after a short coregency lasting between either 1 to 2 years. Suggested dates for Akhenaten’s reign (subject to the debates surrounding Egyptian chronology) are from 1353 BC-1336 BC or 1351 BC–1334 BC. Akhenaton’s chief wife was Nefertiti, made world-famous by the discovery of her exquisitely moulded and painted bust, now displayed in the Altes Museum of Berlin, and among the most recognised works of art surviving from the ancient world. After his death and the restoration of traditional religious practice, he and his immediate successors were ignored and excised from history by later rulers. Akhenaton himself is usually referred to as ‘the enemy’. 

    Amenhotep IV changed His name to Akhenaton after receiving a vision from Ra (Re) the Sun God. Akhenaton outlawed all Gods in the Kingdoms of Egypt except for Aten, The Sun Disk God. As Pharaoh, Akhenaten was the High Priest of Re (Ra). He also believed that he was the Son of God Re (Ra). Akhenaten was the “forefather” of Christianity and Judaism. These religions believe in One God (Deutoronomy 6:4).  

    There is a remarkable resemblance between the picture of Pharoah Akhenaton and President Obama. There is also the campaign logo of Obama, which symbolizes the rising (or setting) Sun. Akhenaton was not only the God King, but he was a representation in the flesh of Aten, the disc of the Sun. 

    The official explanation of the logo furthers the comparison to the Pharoah. The O represents Obama and he can use the logo without his name next to it. He’s claiming the O as George W. Bush claimed the W, the blue O and the red stripes represent the flag. The red stripes represent the plains, the American farmland. The O’s whitespace represents the sun, shining over the plains. Because it’s white, it evokes sunrise, not sunset. This indicates that a new morning sun (a hope, change) rising over America, and that Obama is it.


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  • This captures the heart of every American:  betrayed.  We have a fake president who refused to nuke Iran, despite the fact they have threatened our allies with weapons of hate and destruction.

    Our politicians are giving our tax money to terrorists and laughing about it.

    We are betrayed.  Let’s look over the rest of these images in silence and let the heart of these people be known.  It is great pain in New York, and even on 9/11, Obama preached a message of us accepting the terror mosque and to give the Muslims a pat on the back for 9/11.

    9/11.  We will never forget.  Images will convey our emotions.

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