• Bishop Eddie Long, The Latest Accused Veiled Wolf

    September 22, 2010 6:30 am 3 comments
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    Accused Sinner: Bishop Eddie Long
    Crime: Secret Gay
    Status: Unverified/In Process

    Friends, there is a new potential sinner in our midst. Today reports have risen, that charismatic Bishop Eddie Long may be a veiled wolf in a sheep’s skin. There is a vanilla chocolate outside, all betrayed by true nougat’s heart of chocolate-filled iniquity.

    Why must our leaders lie and be dark deceivers of lies? Why can those who are atheistic wonders who follow Satan try to deceive us, tricking congregations into thinking they are honest men of the cloth?

    Yes, all are innocent until proven guilty. Young men have come forward and accused Bishop Long of the worst of sins, one that can hardly be whispered. Gay.

    They claimed that this man, who gave himself the title of Bishop, forced them to do unmentionable acts of perversion. He stands accused of such things and we must ask, is it true?

    Let us look upon evidence and see if the scales of justice weigh in on the greatest evidence of all: action of lifestyle.

    First, let us look upon the accusations:

    Well, well, well. The accuastions are thick and unwavering. It has witnesses times three, which is coincidentally a very revered number as proven by the Trinity.

    Let us continue. Next, we see the “Good” Reverend has a history of dancing in church. This is wrong!

    Satan loves to dance. At high school prom, he uses dancing to corrupt our daughters. At urban neighborhood parties, dancing goes hand in hand with their chicken, guns and sweet pies.

    So why would you break such decadence into the house of worship? Why would this man encourage his stadium full of volatile darks to do the devil shuffle?

    Things are not looking good here. We have the accusations. We have the evidence of partaking in parties with the darkest one of all.

    We can only wait and see how all of this turn out. Let us pray justice reveals truth in the end.

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