• Black Office Secretary Laughs At Her Boss, Causes 9/11 Chaos and Subterfuge

    September 7, 2010 4:05 pm 6 comments
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  • Sassy. Rude. Picking her nails.

    These seem to be the prerequisites for any office secretary. You see her there on the phone, talking loudly and smacking her bubbled gum. She is not even talking to customers but rather her ‘baby’s father’ Deshontay.

    So imagine my surprise when our noble and sage Christian President George W. Bush elected a standeeikah office secretary to handle his affairs. He could have at least hired a probably gay man for the job and still been better off! I thought.

    At least the gay is anal over office procedures and in between fantasizing about rump roasts, he may do some work and not cry as much under pressure. No matter how educated or tough, however, a women will snap and her estrogen hormones take over! Especially hysteric emotion black!

    But still, I was measured and trusted. I trusted the media and I stand guilty. I trusted that sure, Condoleeza Rice has a weird typically Afro name, unlike real names like Sarah or Jane, and she was probably from an emtional black home that produces the office secretary as I described earlier. But yet, I trusted.

    Everyone said Condoleeza Rice was so smart. She dressed like an old British woman in meetings and was magically elected to become Stanford’s Provost after only just ten years, as if there was something not suspicious about that.

    Now our dear President Bush is releasing a tell all memoir and my initial gut instinct is vindicated! She is typical and it proves that no matter the accomplishment, piano skill, education and office, a black office secretary is all the same!

    9/11. A day of infamy. On that day, brown Muslims murdered 5,000 Americans. On that day, well turned to our leader President George W. Bush, who’s stern presence and composure helped ease all our fears. His strong stare and angry words against terrorists helped us all kindle our anger and bring revenge upon those who wronged us!

    But guess who gave President Bush treasonous grief and failed to do her job. The secretary. The attitude secretary in her office, texting her friends and digging through her purse. Condoleeza stressed President Bush to 9/11 and is responsible for a good part of the trouble that day.

    President Bush reflects, via biographer:

    Condoleezza Rice shouted on the phone at President George W. Bush during the initial chaos after the 9/11 attacks and ordered him to stay away from the nation’s capital. Then she hung up on him.

    How typical. The office secretary forgets her role and yell at her boss. Condoleezza Rice yelled at President George W. Bush. That in itself is grounds for high crimes and treason. She did this on 9/11 then tried to tell him not to come back to DC so he could protect us with his words. It gets worse

    In a History Channel documentary that will be shown Thursday, two days before the ninth anniversary of the terrorist attacks, Rice says she got a phone call from the president after the second jetliner rammed the World Trade Center in New York. He was visiting a school in Florida and said he was coming back to Washington, where the Pentagon was struck by a third plane and rumors spread of a car bombing near the State Department.

    No way, Rice told him.

    ‘I said, ‘You cannot come back here. The United States of America is under attack, you have to go to safety. We don’t know what is going on here.’

    When the commander in chief persisted, Rice says she put down the phone.
    I said to him in a raised voice, and I had never raised my voice to the president before, I said, ‘You cannot come back here.’ I hung up.

    No it goes from just being rude to conspiracy. First, Condoleeza lied to our Christian President. He asked her if we were under attack, Condoleeza told him no then she told him to say out of Washington, D.C. This is a conspiracy.

    For some reason, Condoleezza was angry that our nation’s Commander-in-Chief wanted to go to Washington, DC, during a time of war. That is suspicious. What is also suspicious is that Condoleeza became a Standord Professor, a Provost, a National Security Advisor and President’s Office Secretary because: she was a “master-expert” on Soviets. All at the age of 22. This knowledge can’t be learned that young, unless you have Soviet Russian connections and ties.

    Let us continue:

    The bunker where she hid with Vice President Dick Cheney and other staff began to run out of air.

    ”There were so many people in the bunker that the oxygen levels started dropping, and the secret service came in and said we’ve got to get some people out of here.

    The first we kicked out were the most staunch supporters of President Bush.

    Well, well. Colored me surprised. We see the agenda that was at play on 9/11. A secret power play to claim martial law and usurp the presidency of President George W. Bush. Condoleeza is a foreign name and she has Soviet connections, much like another man named Barack Hussein Obama.

    This just gives more credence to the growing suspicion that there is a secret Nation of Islam/Muslim Soviet agenda to infiltrate our highest offices in America and tear us from within.

    President Abraham Lincoln warned, “America will never be defeated from without, but we can only be defeated from within.”

    Terrorists and Soviets have taken this to heart and are using it against us. Soviets are playing the race card, putting secret players like Rice and Obama into play. Condoleeza was a typical office secretary, but a trained Soviet one. She tried to betray president Bush and his supporters, but President Bush proved true and returned to DC on that fateful day.

    And it is Bush’s resolute nature to be boss and not listen to his secretary that saved America from an unimaginable doom.

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