• Celebrities Arrive for MTV VMA Awards 2010 – Jersey Shore Arrival, A Pictographic (Part 1)

    September 12, 2010 3:40 pm 5 comments
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  • Every year, the most whore celebrities gather togther to pat their backs at the MTV (Music Television Videos) Video Music Awards (VMA).

    This show is always disgusting. Last year, they all cheered with delight as the child Miley Cyrus did a poll dance to quench forced audience demands. Then as if that was not enough, they allowed black rappers to brag about shooting people and attacking women on the stage.

    The horrors this year will be twice as worse! Parents, do not let your children celebrate the idols on this show. Lindsay Lohan sings and likes to sniff crack pipoes. Britany Spears is apparently a bad mother and let men dabble her sallyjessy in front of her childrens!

    Imagine your daughter, running out and getting pregnant between math class and social studies, then doing crack drug orgies with her black father’s child baby all in the same room! That will be your fate because this is all that MTV is promoting. Take a look:

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9740146″]

    The name of this Jewish girl is “Snookie” and she is a star on an MTV show called “Jersey Shore”. This is a dangrous show about how Jewish Italian girls on the shores of New Jersey go out on Saturday night and use their bedroom calls to ‘score’ dangerous drugs such like magic mint.

    The show shows on tv all of these things: exposed legs and thights, secret places, drug use, drug violence, spoild children not getting in trouble and more. It is an evil show and I have repeatedly written to the FCC to get it off the air.

    Look at these problem women arrive and tell me this is not going to be a whore show this year:

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9737512″]

    Here we see again the Jersey Shore doing cigarette advertisements aimed at our children. They want our kids to think that if they smoke a cigarette, they are cool just like Snooki. They want our children to think the warm, smooth strream of nicotine hitting their lungs and softy exhaled will do them good.

    All this is is training for teaching your daughters how to put Satan’s scepter in their mouth and suck it in to their lungs then exhale! The gays really love for your children to have practice at this too, if you get my drift! Then parents wonder why this is such a problem in schools. Get a clue!

    This one calls itself Jwoww Jenni Farley:

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9740145″]

    You can see she has already exposed her legs for enticement and then puts on bear skin boots to show no respect for Mother Nature. If your boys look at this one spread her legs to expose sin long enough, you shall find one thing: no respect. They will stop respecting all because they think woman are supposed to be easy flooses.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9740149″]

    These are all the celebrities I have pictured at the airport so far. Our good friend Tyson Bowers III is a seat-filler for the show and is already in place, and will tweet live updates. I will follow and we shall continue to document this sinwhore fest so that we can expose all of them live!

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