• Crazed Atheists Violently Savage Elderly Pastor’s Dog

    September 9, 2010 4:50 pm 34 comments
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  • A group of atheists recently broke into a church, where they first bound and then inflicted these injuries upon a cute little dog named April. April recently underwent surgery and is recovering, in semi-critical condition.

    It was a late, summer night in a small Midwest town. A knife shimmered under the moonlight. The town’s folk all had their evening supper and were going to bed. All was quiet, and right, except for the home of an elderly couple — a pastor and wife — who were soon to fall victim to a crime so heinous, it will strike sorrow and outrage into your sympathetic hearts.

    As sunlight faded and the engulfing darkness of nighttime emerged, so did a group of clad miscreant. Their goal: to murder the family pet of a sweet, elderly couple, well known to their city. Who would be so low, as to terrorize our grandparents? What type of people would subdue a cute Scottish Terrier, binding its paws with ropper and covering its fur and mouth with think duct tape?


    An atheist group has anonymously taken credit for the terrible crime of hate, where a community has been left shaken. It all started when the old couple was settling in for the evening, then heard a noise coming from their son and daughter-in-law’s gated property in west Topeka. By the time the couple could make it outside, the unimaginable had happened.

    These atheists, who have recently attacked their church with graffiti have a history of intolerant bigotry. They stand against the church, because the church does not agree with the Gay Agenda to destroy American nuclear families and the nation’s Christian heritage.

    A spokeswoman for the family, named Shirley, said of the horrific attack on April the terrier:

    “They won’t get a shot at her.” Shirley continued in her interview, “My thought when I first saw these facts was that a brute wanted to get hands on a person and was prevented.”

    Brute. That is the only way to describe a group of people who are so low, they will attack innocent pets. This is surely animal cruelty and is very typical of atheists.

    If there are people who hate life so much, that they detest the notion of our universal creator, how can they have respect for the miracle of life. How can these people have respect for diversity in life. The image above of that poor dog, sliced with a knife so sharp and left bound, to bleed to death until its last yips gurgled in its lifeblood, answer that question: atheists cannot truly respect life, because they have no respect for God.

    One with a heart so cold and hardened, one who cannot respect our Lord and Savior who loves unconditionally, cannot love themselves. This just leaves so much ground for hate.

    Look at this. The image will display with a back background, so your eyes can soak in the sight and relive the horror that waited for this small town American family as they peeked into their back patio. Look at how even through the rope and bandanda that was used to bind this puppy, you can see the deep scar and wounded skin. This puppy was left for dead by a pack of atheists.

    It pains your heart as well as mine. Imagine what the grandchildren felt when they saw this site.

    This is the mindset of those who viciously defend Obama’s liberal policies. These are the actions those who support abortion will take. If you can agree with bludgeoning a baby to death and then sucking its battered body into a vaccuum, then slicing up a cute little girl puppy will make no difference to your heart.

    Atheists agree with murdering babies. Atheists believe it is normal for homosexuals to falsely ‘procreate’ with one another and be involved in activities where children are present. Atheists believe homosexuals reserve the right to teach children it is normal to have a man willy them from behind, because that’s what being gay is all about.

    If you dare stand against these messages, beware! For atheists and all the sick, depraved groups and laws they represent, are intolerant. And if you disagree with their horrible and dangerous ideals, they will slice your puppy to send you a warning. They want us to live in fear and terror. This attack upon an innocent family is standard fair for them, it is their M.O.

    They will hide behind their liberal laws and ACLU Harvard lawyers, all so they can do these things again and again until they have their way and create Gomorah and Sodom in America. They will not stop until our children think if they want their way, all they have to do is slice a puppy and agree with letting murderers roam our streets after a short stint in jail and then let homosexuals have sex in public for all to see, right in front of a school.

    Atheists are a sick people, and today, this is just a bit more proof of that fact.

    The family report that their dog is making a steady recovery. After an emergency surgery, the family reports the dog ‘walked over and lifter her paw’, so family members could scratch her back and rub her tummy.

    If you have any true information on this heinous puppy attack, please call Crime Stoppers at (785) 234-007.

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