• Derek “The Cheater” Jeter Now Cheats on Baseball, Tricks Umpires

    September 17, 2010 2:05 am 2 comments
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  • Derek Jeter is the Tiger Woods of baseball.   It is no secret that Jeter purportedly enjoys a drunken twiddle rompus affair with married women, including Madonna. Many allege that Jeter may have had an affair with over 14 women, almost matching up to the record-breaking stats posted by the likes of Magic Johnson and the all-time affair leader of sports, Tiger Woods.

    Jeter recently took his cheating antics to an all new level, however, after he managed to cheat several skilled umpires into believing he got hit by a ball. In an unprecedented role reversal, it was Jeter pretending to cry out in pain as a foul ball slammed into his body.

    That is a fake scream coming from Jeter, much as a dollar hooker down off 183rd in Bronx. The umpires shouild have known this man has experience in faking such things and has had a front row seat for it. He’s employing skiills he’s picked up from all of the alleged street walkers he’s bedded.

    Fans are very disgruntled and rightfully so. At a crucial juncture of the game, Jeter pulls this cheap move to garner a bad call from the umps. This is a horrible display of sporstmanship.

    At this point we could speculate on Jeter’s staggering odds on being drafted straight into hell after death, but fortunately Derek Jeter confessed for his typical NY Yankees dirty move.

    I’m New York born and bred, so I have a soft spot for the Yankees, though they are definitely inferior to the Mets. Even at that, we all know the Yankees area a corrupt team who have been proven to have worked deals with Satan. It would not be too surprising to see Jeter is actually possessed by a demon. It would make sense of many things.

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