• Evolution Scientists Create Sharktopus, PANIC

    September 25, 2010 11:12 pm 16 comments
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    My friends, I am very ascared. The evolution scientists have now created a sharktopus and I fear our beach going friends are going to all die!

    Imagine, a shark with eight teeth legs! Each of these legs is filled with poison dart nematophores that can pulp you up like a spider does an insect. Each one can grab you like a mighty forest boa, then squish the life out of you and then ate you with all of its teething options!

    This bizarre animal is not of God! It is an unnatural abomination!

    At first I would think that nothing like this could exist. Then I turned the remote to the SyFy channel (new lingo for Scientific (SyentiFy). My heart sank and I cancelled our family trip to Florida because of this.

    What have they unleashed upon the world? Why must we allow people to play God?

    If you go to the coast, I suggest you bring a shotgun so you can shoot this beast dead. I am very worried and am writing to the FDA to see if we can’t order a government program to launch nuke submarines shoot up sharks, ocutopuses and anything that looks like them. I refuse to live in a world wear their are eight legged sharks lurking in our oceans, rivers and lakes. I am staying away from water and suggest you do to until we can assure all these animals are dead.

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