• Exclusive: Justin Bieber Caught Smoking Crack Pipe Before MTV VMA Awards 2010 in LA?

    September 12, 2010 7:45 pm 65 comments
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    No warning!

    In this image, it appears that the boy child Justin Bieber is smoking some magic mint from a crack pipe! This boy is supposed to be a child idle who will perform in only 30 minutes at the sin soaked MTV VMA Awards! This is exclusive proof that Bieber is doing drugs!

    Justin Bieber and LudicrousI am not surprised, however, and neither should you be. In the image at right, we see Bieber is taking a picture with notorious rapper “Ludicrous”. It is well known that rappers love to ‘get high’ before going onto a show and Ludicrous is the one who recruited Bieber from a video on YouTube.

    How sad to know the stats. Since Justin Bieber released his first single, Somebody to Love, the NSTP found a 13% increase in teen pregnancy. Of the teens interviewed, 68% had downloaded Justin Bieber images or music only weeks before finding out they were a teenage mother.

    Parents, this child is leading girls to become pregnant with innappropriate songs. There is now a purported image of him smoking drugs sold by usual prowling blacks in the parking lot. Beware!

    This child is performing on the MTV VMA Awards tonight in Los Angels. The celebrities are gathered in their trailers, getting high on the fumes of Satan’s gases. They are preparing to celebrate a lifestyle of decadence and sin orgies. They want children to think it is normal to dally hookers and sniff white powder into the nose and then smoke ‘roach gaja’ with gang members.

    Parents, look at this boy performs. He is clearly under the influence of Satan.

    If your child likes Bieber, forbid it! Break his cds! Search through their computer! If they complain, tell them to shut their mouths because they live under your roof and you know what’s best!

    Bieber must go! Make sure they do not have access to TV tonight, so they cannot watch him on the MTV Awards whore show.

    “He’s dated other women.” “He’s dated me.” “He has loved a woman and that’s how he can say baby, baby, baby”.

    The boy is only ten! Look at how this grown woman is talking about him and you see what Hollywood is all about. They think ten year old children are fresh meat and fair game for their perversions. Bieber never stood a chance, but don’t let him take your children down to hell with him. Look at this video and make your children go to bed after they watch it and pray!

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