• Foolish Mexicans Celebrate Cindo de Mayo on Wrong Day

    September 17, 2010 2:52 am 17 comments
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  • Today I found more proof of why Mexican’s are third world savages. Most countries now how to keep a simple calendar. They know that after each day, you just cross off a day when you wake up and can tell it is morning by the light.

    Now somehow down in Mexico, they just celebrated Cinco de Mayo yesterday. Here is the proof and really, I have gone from knowing this are just savages to people who are just as poor and tribal as the bush Africans.

    Look at them and they know not even the date. Sad.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9795723″]

    The Mexican military has somehow stolen planes or more likely, got them via an Obama stimulus package for illegals. They started to shoot out green, red and white smoke to celebrate how we freed them from Spain on Cinco de Mayo, only for them to stab us in the back time and time again.

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    Should have known the Russian red army would not reject an opportunity to goosestep in our hemisphere. Let us ignore that they are violating the Monroe doctrine right here, giving us the right to nuke: 1) Mexico 2) Russia, until they are all irradiated with death. Let us overlook that fact for a second.

    Why is Russia helping the Mexicans think they celebrate indepence day today? I am concerned that this is just like the Cuban missile crisis. Russia has tried it once and now they try to make allies with the other dirt mouth savages, so they can sneak nuke us before we have a chance to wipe them out. Preemptive strike! Let’s wipe out Mexico.

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9794926″][picappgallerysingle id=”9794800″]

    What troubles me most about all of this is the fact that Mexico has an army. The last I checked, they attacked us

    1) At the Alamo – Mexicans murdered thousands of Americans and forced them to walk hand bound all the way to South America, from Texas. From his massacre, over 7,000 Americans dead and 400 women and 490 children still missing.

    2) Zimmerman Telegram – Mexico conspired to team up with Germany to wipe us out. Fortunately, the British caught them and we let Mexico know we would wipe them out if they even thought about it again.

    3) Drug War – Mexico constantly attacks our border with drug lords and illegal immigrants. We should put auto laser turrets on huge columns, looming over the border. From Washington DC, our agents can shoot mounted m60 sheels, mini-rockets, firebombs and even chemical weapons at anyone who looks dangerour or suspicious without putting Americans in harms’s way.

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    As proven by their unrealistic population boom, Mexican women can carry four or five been dippers at one time more commonly than everyone else. This is why you see Mexicans with really big gibberish families and all their childrens look the same. They all twins pretty much.

    You can see Mexican morality in the two above images. The women ‘soldiers’ wear exposed dressses and no pantie drawers on underneath! They then play pinata with men’s sin dangles and then pregnancy and their offspring sneaking into our country!

    This image display was just to help you understand that with the Mexicans, we are really dealing with a real people. They just pop up randomly like bacteria and spread, not really doing much higher thinking.

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