• Gay Disease Now Sweeping Across America’s Black Ghettos

    September 24, 2010 2:16 pm 16 comments
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  • Trouble tonight in urban America, as a new rash of gay crimes are leaving the usually tough and mean young men of the demographically black and poor communes without their natural predatory affinity for young women.

    Urban culture is typified by its representative rap videos. In these videos, the artists show how in the ‘ghetto’ young women are disrespected with domestic abuse — both physically and verbally — and then prostituted until they are diseased and saddled with an average of 5 welfare children per mother.

    Even with these sad and alarming statistics, one crime that has been traditionally bereft in the black community is gay activity.

    Sometime after the election of Barack Hussein Obama, however, all of this changed. At an unprecedented rate, there have been a statistically significant increase in the number of gay intruders breaking into homes to attack young black children, giving them the requisite psychological trauma that typically manifests as gay behavior in adulthood.

    In the included video, we see a young man from the urban project homes of Louisiana. He tells of how a prowling gay black sneaked into his sister’s room at night, all to try to attack her. He goes on to relay the epidemic in his community, warning his neighbors to “hide ya’ kid, hide ya’ wife and your husband, because they [gays] are raping everybody out there”.

    We see just as warned, the gay attacks in a typical manner. He climbs through the window and snatches whatever he can find. As long as he can do anal sins, it doesn’t matter if the victim is male or female.

    Some are taking this trend lightly, but with the promiscuous nature of the Afros this can quickly turn into a health nightmare. Just imagine the spread of diseases such as gay cancer and even meningitis spreading at 20 times the rate, spurned by gay blacks.

    The nightmare has already struck.

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