• New York Gets Tornado Wrath, Ground Zero Terror Mosque to Blame

    September 16, 2010 10:58 pm 13 comments
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  • God is letting his anger be known! Today he has flexed his power and weighed in on the terror mosque!

    New York City has never had a tornado, so today, God decided to let us know he does not approve of Muslim terrorists! God’s anger twirls and whirls every which way, until all sinners wind up dizzy and burning in the deepest pits of hell!

    Behold God’s power!

    Right off the bat, God casts down this tornado right where it counts and we cannot miss it! This is but a small sneeze from God, folks. If he wanted, he could have reached from the heavens and grab Earth, and watch with the angels above as only New York flew off Earth in a straight vector! I could only wish I had the power to create tornadoes, because one would crash down over every mosque at high noon until no more!

    Look at that. The Statue of Liberty. God is letting us know that there is no liberty in Muslim terorr. There is only oppression of freedom and unbridled hate! It was bright and sunny in New York, then suddenly women and children ran around and crying in the streets. Chaos!

    Fathers watched as their families were sucked off the statue island and right into the heart of the twister. Tourists were even more lost than normal and that’s horrifying! Horror! God had no mercy because New Yorkers refuse to organize a massive rally and burn down that terror mosque almost on our Ground Zero Hallowed Ground. If we don’t do it, God will, and he’ll talke many more out in his swirling vortexes of venting wrath! We have vexed God and he is now out of patience. Repent, New York and tear those mosque walls down!

    Lightning! High winds! Battle cries from the angels above! New Yorkers are all hiding in their apartment homes tonight, for the Lord of the Universe has brought his judgment upon them!

    They have supported abortionists like Hillary Clinton and Imam Barack Hussein Obama who poses as an American president though he’s not even legal and his foreign name means something horrible!

    Why has New York betrayed America? When after we were attacked on 9/11, everyone prayed to God that we would destroy Iraq. And God blessed us to do so and catch Saddam! God has blessed us to have a leader like President George W. Bush who defeated Iraq with our brave troops. Our brave firefighters risked their lives to save people on 9/11.

    Mary Rudy Giulani, the hero of 9/11, orchestrated heroics by making phone calls and then inspired the nation with speechers of how he did such! Now we have Bloomberg proposing a terror mosque and there is not anger! No outburst? God has an answer and an outburst. Lightning strikes upon New York!

    I hope this one hit a mosque at 9.4 billion miles per second hours because that’s shocking light hurled by God!

    Here we get another shot of the cataclysmic cyclone swirling behind Lady Liberty. God was using symbolism here. He wants us to know that New York has become a sheik Muslim whore devil. New York is prostituting itself to terrorists by letting them “buy” it up and plant their satan seed there at Ground Zero for a price! That’s whore prostitution!

    God is saying that the Statue of Liberty now represents the worst things of all: yeast infections, herpies aids, gay bowel disease and all other prostitute whore afflictions! Be cured New York or you shall next find God sends down a fire tornado!

    Oh New York liberal socialists, why must you suffer the innocent? Why are you angering God to the point that his wrath boils over and he pours it out upon your sullen lands of secret iniquity and Islamic shame?

    The World Trade Center was a monument to how much God has blessed our nation. America is a moral nation and our status as the world’s premier country in terms of economy, military might and reverence to our Christian tradition is a testament to this fact. Terrorists tried to steal this from us by crashing into our towers.

    They wanted to cripple our resolve and trust in God. They wanted to hamper our economy, ordained by heaven itself. They wanted the public to fall away from our Christian leader President George. W. Bush and turn to false gods such as Muslim Buddha and then build mosques all over the place! Don’t be sucked up by these mind games, New York!

    Islamic Muslims are a patient, crafty bunch. They may not get you today. They may not get you tomorrow, or the next week, but they’ll patiently bide their time and then get you! It may be 300 years down the road, but they hold a grudge!

    Just look at Israel and Palestine. They fight and fight. Why? Islamic grudge. They are jealous because of events in the Old Testament where God promised land to Israel and by default, America. We are the ordained protectors of the Childen of Israel, and therefore, Islamics have an innate hate for our Christian nation of freedom and Democracy.

    Imagine the horror. You come home from a long day at work. Your sweet wife is already in the kitchen, baking a nice cobbler pie and the kids are already fed and doing their homework. You settle down for the evening and after family prayer, put everyone to bed.

    As you settle down into the comforting peace of a gentle night, you suddenly hear a train coming from the roof and from the skies! You hears your daughters shreik “Help daddy help!” but it is too late! A tornado has swooped down and sucked up your children!

    Your turn around and your sweet wife is digging her nails onto the hardwood floor! She screams for you to help her but a log tree comes crashing through and bashes her good! She’s dead and floats away before your eyes! Your puppy uses it’s last vacuumed lung breaths to yip a goodbye too!

    Don’t try to act like this can’t happen because it has happened before and the article is right here!

    You do not want to live with guilt of being responsible for God’s wrath, folks. If you let the Arabs build their little Persian mosque, just imagine what God will do.

    The images above and the video below are just God being mildly annoyed after seeing the blueprints for the mosque that went on public display today. Imagine how his anger will flip out if we let them dig up one pile of dirt or put down that first support beam. My word, the horror.

    Your family, dead. Your fault.

    If you love your friends and loved ones, boycott the terror mosque. I have helped initiate a front to stop this terror mosque and I need you to join us.  Since launching this protest, we now have nearly 20,000 in support of our Christian efforts to boycott this mosque.

    Help us increase this number to the millions!  – Join ChristWire Christian America Boycott of the Terror Mosque

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