• Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus Drinks Of Satan’s Nectar

    September 7, 2010 5:32 pm 14 comments
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    With homecoming just around the corner, thank goodness our friend Amber Cooper already warned us about Satan’s plan to get our daughter’s drunk with his juices and then dirty prom dress reveals Satan’s plan to get your daughter pregnant.

    Miley Cyrus is a problem child. My heart goes out to her, but now she is just too far gone. Her father gave her daddy issues by letting her date at too young an age and hang-out with liberals. She is ruined.

    No warning. I lack fire to condemn this with passion today because my eyes are full of tears. We see this child is clearly full of whore inducing spirits of Satan. She gyrates on the dance floor and will go home with random drunk blacks or even worse a gay who plies her with more and more alcohol since she’s but a child.

    Parents, Satan is a master bartender and his brew leads straight to hell! He puts everyone’s tab on their soul and he never closes his speakeasy. How is it that you allow your children to idolize Miley Cyrus when she parties, does strip show dances and shows her secret camera toe for children to entice them for more concerts?

    Her parents should have her home and in her studies and getting ready for motherhood, but instead, she’s out late partying with boys and drinking Satan’s dank! We know what happens after that: bedroom sot sins. Every which way with all comers!

    This is how whore demons is born. Your elementary school daughters will see this and think “Oh, cool, let’s drink this weird drink and let that gay stranger dally me all over because it is normal, I can’t think straight!”

    Imagine the guilt in your heart when you get a call from the police late one night. Your daughter has been found, ravaged and with crack marijuana residue coming from her npose. She is layed out in an alley and has been ravaged. She is diseased and she is dead. Dead.

    Your daughter died because you let her idolize Miley Cyrus. Devil drink is a seque drug. It leads to lowered inhibitions and leads you to hanging out with drug user crowds.

    Parents, ban the Disney Channel. Barack Obama condoned it is good entertainment, yet we see its premiere star is trying to convince your daughters it’s okay to underage drink and dance with volatile strangers who will violate their innocence and their clad secrets.

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