• Has Stormfront.org Become a Dangerous Nest of Degeneracy, Effeminacy and Anti-Christian Values?

    September 8, 2010 5:11 pm 52 comments
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  • Stormfront and Christwire

    Stormfront.org has long been the center of controversy. Outsiders are quick to label it a “hate” group, with some going so far as to demand that the federal government impose restrictions on its activities. Yet these same people will turn a blind eye to the racial political propaganda promoted by the Blank Panthers or La Raza or our own soil. The most liberal and politically correct in our nation seem oblivious to the damage done when the “Freedom of Speech” clause of the Constitution is used so unscrupulously to beat down anyone who doesn’t conform to their globalist view of a borderless, classless future. Even within the movement, there are those who say that Stormfront emboldens militants to the point of insurrection and treason.

    Despite these challenges, this website has grown from an obscure message board to a genuine community where people share in their love of God and Country. It is a center of American Nationalism and Christian Identity, the true philosophical heart of those who believe in the primacy of the United States of America and the vision that our Founding Fathers had when they revolted against British tyranny and taxation. It celebrates our country’s heartland and the great purity of our ethnic roots against the worst excesses of liberalism.
    Recently however, this heart of the National Socialist movement has developed a cancer. The level of narcissism there has become epidemic and repulsive. These people have grown fat on their own self-satisfaction. It is a sickening turn of events. The disease is within and it’s spreading to potentially fatal levels. Men and women have turned their backs on the Christian Identity Movement, repudiating Leviticus, Corinthians and Timothy to embrace the worst forms of immorality. Where is the discipline and dedication? Have these people no need for faith and the Bible? Have they not heeded Revelations 22:12 when it states, “Behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to render to every man according to what he has done” or Ephesians 1:4-5, “For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will.” Where is the leadership, the direction in all this? No, this cow is wandering free into open pastures that border on the same disgusting habits of every other leftwing hotbed on the internet.

    Stormfront and Christwire

    Far too often, discussions on this board turn into competitions where men rush to display themselves and women openly express superficial sexual desires. Cheap consumerism and fashion trends are readily celebrated as if the denizens of this world were your ordinary multicultural mall rats shopping at Benetton. The boys in particular have been egged on. They will show their photographs at the slightest prompting and you have to wonder if somehow they’ve preened and posed themselves for hours to get that perfectly manicured Nationalist look. They talk about their muscles and how developed their bodies are, with ample visual evidence. All that exposed male flesh does nothing to refute an odd undercurrent of homosexuality that one feels when visiting Stormfront.

    This sense of homosexuality and effeminacy is only made worse by the trend of long, lustrous hair on the Stormfront men, thoughtfully combed and shampooed so that it may ripple in the wind like a pride flag. Surely, there was a time in Nordic, Teutonic and Anglo history when bushy and uncut was the norm. It was the age before scissors and modern innovation, before the West perfected the look of beauty with trimmed but full flaxen haircuts. But in today’s desperate cultural landscape, there is a great need for a singular and righteous identity, “for we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, that each one may receive what is due him for the things done while in the body, whether good or bad” (2 Corinthians 5:10). Ambiguous fashions and unisex looks make it very difficult to identify the persuasion of an unknown person. Long hair should be that thing that differentiates women from men. It helps you recognize the sex of a person when you approach them from behind or when their face is covered. Despite that, we have men prancing around with their flowing manes, self-conscious as any schoolgirl, begging for attention and pouting in their over-decorated bedrooms if they don’t receive it.

    “But you do not believe, because you are not of My sheep, as I said to you. My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me,” –John 10:26-27.

    In addition, there is an endless and frenzied celebration of European-ness at Stormfront without acknowledging the inherent weak-willed, communist composition of most Europeans. When Americans think of the French, British or Dutch, certain key words and phrases are always front and center: royals worship, The Maginot Line, wimping out the Iraq War, arrogant and unbathed, effeminate and lithe. “The nations will see your righteousness, And all kings your glory; And you will be called by a new name Which the mouth of the LORD will designate!” –Isaiah 62:2. Instead of addressing these issues, the sin of pride astounds at every click. Most members would rather trade nonfat recipes and argue about cake mixes, talk about yoga and Brad Pitt, or go on extended discourses about the beauty of their bulging calf muscles. They even have an entire section devoted to poetry about spring and Mother’s Day!

    “Nobody cares about me!” It hurts to read that constant plea for sensitivity and acceptance in both the Youth and Lounge sections on this site. Why so much talk of loneliness? There are literally thousands of posts on this subject, about living in unforsaken abandonment penned in by immortal immigrants and endless liberals. Is there even one member who hasn’t posted such a tale of self-pity? It’s enough to make you think that weeping alone in a corner is now a rite of passage for those in the Aryan Nations! These are men and boys so desperate for affirmation, so in need of praise, something intrinsically faulty and pathetic about them is betrayed with each and every word they type. You soldiers should be resolute, not begging shamefully for a reassuring pat on the back! It’s the most basic hypocrisy and contradiction of the Stormfront nation that those who should be the foundation of strength have become so shallow, desperate, weak and narcissistic. Were you boys even strong to begin with? Or are you simply using the National Socialist movement to hide from your sexual inadequacy and intellectual failure? If that’s the case, the movement should expel you. You all talk about Rommel, but he probably would have been sickened by the pathetic and effete sight of you. Go home and deal with your issues by singing “We Shall Overcome” as you watch Will & Grace and eat pints of hippie Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Maybe your long hair will fit in there, in the back of those VW vans where bong hits and Al Franken jokes are passed around as skinny bois grab your ankles and Goth girls braid your locks.

    Stormfront and Christwire

    Even the normal porcelain white of Caucasian flesh has gone from being a background truth to an over-sized fetish toy at Stormfront, craved as intensely as a sadomasochistic intimacy tool. Pale skin need only be accompanied by giant black boots and stovepipe jeans, homemade tattoos and tight t-shirts to form some National Socialist drag wear in this sick fantasy world, a world that closely resembles the fetishization you find in our most radical sexual communities. Worse still are the nights no one dares speak about, the nights men spend drinking deep in the woods around those flickering, luscious campfires. You’ll find brothers in arms stripping down to show off Celtic ink on their broad and brawny chests. Before long, in the stupor of alcohol and pride, these beacons of hope have turned into coarse creatures wrestling in the dirt as the mutual grime of a once-dignified gene pool lathers them up to heights of heresy and hidden urges. And when these late nights flip over into early mornings where the roleplay of poorly-manufactured masculinity is pounded out in backyard barns and flag-filled basement bunkers— the sweat and the shouting and the stomping and the saluting reaching a pitch of all-male fury– how close are they to crossing over into a moment of ultimate brotherhood so pure it is even devoid of women, an intimate congress of their unadulterated prostatic effluvience that they will never be able to forget?

    Where are Don Black and David Duke in all this? What about Pastor Robb? It reminds me of the fortress town of Sodom, where the walls meant to protect people instead fostered their incest and perversion. Inside the private world of Stormfront, an anxious game of one-upmanship is played every day, with people trying to outdo each other with their manifestos and interior decorating tips. It is an incredibly dangerous path to go down, one that is so focused on trends and style as to have no genuine substance beneath the surface. These are children essentially aping some vague notion they’ve picked up from third-grade history books, without a feeling or understanding for what they’re doing. Is it even worthwhile to have such dim-witted disciples within the ranks of a group predicated on purity and fortitude? If they come merely to rebel against a society that has already rejected them for their utter failure, don’t they just drag everyone else down? How can an ideology that is based on wiping the slate clean of refuse accept the worst refuse of all?


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