• How to Talk to Your Boys About Puberty

    September 12, 2010 11:14 pm 38 comments
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    We all know talking straight to teens can be tough. Sometimes subjects are simply too complex– the debate over homosexual marriage or transubstantiation for instance. Other topics make parents so squeamish they want to avoid them altogether– like drugs or sex education. But as Christians, it is vital we offer an alternative to the biased and spiritually-uninformed information promoted in our multicultural school systems today. It’s equally important that we impart a faith-based approach that our youngest family members can cherish in their hearts as they deal with problems inside their dramatically changing bodies and outside, as they encounter the harsh diversity of the adult world.

    The video above, “Let’s Talk About Puberty!” is an incredible resource for parents looking to address their teen boy’s difficult period of growth. Homosexuality, peer pressure, loneliness and the importance of a decisive masculinity are just a few of the issues covered. It is a simple and direct film, yet the message is filled with the love of Christ. You can simply press play and let your children absorb the knowledge. Your boys will return to it again and again as hormonal and physical questions arise. Another resource for both boys and girls is, “Where do babies come from?” and while that video is a big dated, the information is as relevant today as ever.

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