• Hurricane Set To Strike Gay Retirement Community in Florida

    September 29, 2010 8:22 am 31 comments
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  • Old men in Florida have traded in proper sky blue trousers for those of salmon pink, and God is letting his anger with elderly gays be known.

    God warned in the Bible, all gays shall burn in Hell. America’s law is based on Judeo-Christian faith, and to God even the elderly are but naughty children, so expect all gays to burn. There is no exception based on age. For it is written:

    Defense of Marriage Act, Section 3:
    In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word ‘marriage‘ means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word ‘spouse‘ refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.

    Obama openly assaulted the Law of America, by attacking the Defense of Marriage Act and the Bible. Obama tried to overturn this law because he is a bona-fide homosexual apologist. Obama has no respect for federal law, and our esteemed Department of Justice has already explained why this law is a requirement for our Christian nation of Godly heritage.

    Gays are a cranky, malicious lot. Their sin knows no age limit. This is why you have grown men and women attacking children. This is why you hear about even 80 year olds who are perverse enough to be a male, but proudly live as a sprouting female whore.

    Imagine the shock and awe when last week, I heard Florida is now opening up gay retirement communities. Instead of sitting back in a family home, with pictures of grand-children and great-grandchildren on the wall, there are Florida communities where there are retirees who salivate at the thought of the grandchildren of others. Their mouth waters with the thoughts of foul fecal sin, a scent which the Bible makes clear is an fuming abomination to God and can only be cleaned by the eternal pits of hell where each and every gay and gay supporter shall burn for all time!

    God is just and God is merciful. Liberals and gay apologists will deny this fact, saying Christians are full of hate for not letting them molest children and pump each other full of sin within the confines of marriage. What they must understand is that Christians and therefore America cannot overlook their sin. We must let them know that even they can ask forgiveness and not burn in hell. They must also know they will not put at risk our entire nation to burn in hell.

    Read God’s warning:
    Romans 1:26-27. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    There is a new experiment taking place in Florida, where geriatrics are now making gay retirement communities. They have no bounds of marriage and are just spreading dusty AIDS all around. This is sick and perverted. People who should be trustworthy and full of knowledge are being more promiscous, dangerous and sick than a rabid pack of whore Babylonians, whose lifeblood courses with a degenarative disease that will kill all infected.

    Gays froth at the mouth with their oral sins. They want to bite us all with the infections of homosexuality, so we too are tainted and burn for all time with them in hell. Yes, this would make Satan proud, in addition to terror nations such as Iran and Saudi Arabia. They may worship false gods, but at least they know how to punish their most perverted criminals!

    Look at this:

    There is now a retirement community in Florida named “In The Grayborhood”. They allow every genre of gay to dwell en masse: lesbian, pure gays, double gays and the worst, transgenders. These sick people are supposed to be of age of respect like myself, but instead have chosen to build a communal shrine to their perverse lifestyle and corrupt all those on vacation in Fort Lauderdale, where college children go to take responsible breaks from study.

    We must not let these communities become common. They gay geriatrics are trying to help normalize gay marriage. They know that if college children see them, while they enjoy a spring break trip with their university friends, they will think it is cute. College children are guillible and impressionable. They will look at these old gays as a novelty, much like when you send them on a mission trip to Mexico and they are impressed by the swine-scented pygmies down there who won’t stop sneaking into our nation!

    Mexicans are illegal and so are gays. None of it belongs here in America! The “Grayborhood” is the harbringer of doom to Florida. Behold God’s response.

    God is launching yet another tropical storm.  He does this to warn sinners that they are doomed if they do not comply with the law of the land.  Through history, time and time again we have seen gays wiped out.

    Through so many storms and floods, tsunamis and tornadoes have these infections been cured.  In ancient times, mighty meteorites descended from the heavens and wiped out the homosexual capital of Sodom, from which gays take their favorite word ‘sodomy’.  Then, even we saw the homosexual city of Pompeii wiped out by a volcano, which you can read in the history of Mount Vesuvious.

    God wiped out a people for being gay.  He used a volcano, America!  It was calm, and without warning, it exploded with the surging anger of the master and creator.  He smelled the backdoor sins of the gays and it made him upset.

    Look at the city of Pompeii, where even there is a photograph below of a gay man who was seared with the volcano’s lava and make no mistake, he is still being reconstituted and eternally liquified by the ever-burning magma rock of hell!

    Gay Pompeii Destroyed 1

    Gay Pompeii Destroyed 2

    Gay Pompeii Destroyed 3

    Image three haunts your mind.  You can see there are two gays there, sprawled out and playing toys with a child they either abducted or adopted.  Either way, the child was punished right along with them.

    Gays want to convince us that their lifestyle is normal.  They want Americans to think it is normal for gays to lounge around in their exposed thongs and commit oral relations on each other, right in front of us and our children.  They want to roll around in their homes and do these things, and think it is not offensive to our law, our country and our God.

    Look at Pompeii and you will see where such ‘acceptance’ leads.  All dead.  Men, women and child.   Gay sinners and normal people.  Those who live in sin have nothing to live for, so they do not mind if we die along with them.

    These gays in Florida just want to live out their end days in perversion, and corrupt as many young people as possible.  I’m old.  I know my time is short and with the rest of my days, I want to leave the world a better place.  Sadly, there are those who know their time is ticking and seek to live out their lives in one last blast of perversion, not caring who they take down with them.

    Fort Lauderdale, it is up to you to avoid God’s wrath.  Remember what happened to Pompeii and know your fate will be an equivalent one of water.  God is sending his warning, what will you do.

    Gay Retirement Community in Florida Causing God to Strike State and City of Fort Lauderdale with Volmounous Winds, Torrential Torrents of Rain and Raspy Salt Gales that Burn the Eye from the Eastward Sea

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