• If A Twelve Year Old’s Pants Say “Juicy” Across the Butt, I Should Reserve The Right To Punch Her Mother In The Face

    September 25, 2010 4:06 am 10 comments
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    Juicy. This word has a very nasty connotation and all across the country, there are mothers who let their daughter wear these pants out in public.

    These mothers think that it is cute, when in reality these pants are filling the minds of perverts with all sorts of sick fantasy. It is making young girls think they have to dress a certain way to get attention. It is sending the wrong message.

    The trend of mothers thinking it is cute to let their daughters dress like whores is not novel. Liberal Megan Lindeke even pointed this out, in her expose about mothers who are letting their daughters dress like prostitutes.

    So let’s cut straight to the chase. If a parent thinks it is okay to have their child masquerade all through the city in this clothing, should we be able to give them a smack in the face.

    I think it’s a perfect opportunity to knock some reality into them.

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