• Interview With Another Real Vampire

    September 16, 2010 9:03 am 5 comments
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    Only weeks ago I revealed Lindsay Lohan is a lesbian vampire. Even after some recalcitrant parents called and wrote to me, stating that Lohan is a good girl who their girls idolize, I revealed More Proof that Lindsay Lohan is a Lesbian Vampire!

    The pictures in those articles do not lie and are fact! Vampires are of Satan and came to this Earth again after the release of J.K. Rowlings cult novel, Twilight. Twilight is a porngraphics movie create to trick our sons and daughters into thinking it’s normal for a young woman to have bed relations with a pack wolf and a hellspawn demon!

    I will gladly help breed Beubonic plague down at the CDC and stuff bricks into the mouths of suspected vampires!

    Let’s not forget only a few months ago, after watching Twilight a young boy rabidly bit 11 of his classmates!

    Beware, parents! Here is yet another vampire I found on YouTube today. Judgment is coming. Ban Twilight or you and your child will burn in hell as vampire!

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