• Is Caroline Wozniaski US Open Dress Too Short? Of course it is! (picture evidence)

    September 10, 2010 6:08 pm 32 comments
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    Caroline Wozniaski is a tennis player who is selling invitations to Satan’s secrets show to entice people to watch her play tennis. She is enticing men by wearing short dresses, so they think they will get a little glimpse of her secret place that is supposed to be clad in modesty.

    This is nothing short of what we’ve seen other foreign tennis players who don’t belong do. You have the Williams sisters, who wore Hot Topic whore dresses to play in a tournament.

    Anna Kournikova is the worst tennis player, yet attracts attention for dressing like a whoredevil of Munn fame.

    Now we have this Caroline Wozniaski flaunting her sallyjessy all around and even one reporter said one show was so exposed, you could saw the separator flap!  


    [picappgallerysingle id=”9663652″]No warning!

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9663596″]Whammo!

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9663611″]Hollywood whore grade intentional camera toe!

    I gave you parents at home no warning that these were coming, and you were shocked!  If your child was in the room, the eyes were seared with sin and you now have to pray those sick thoughts out of his or her mind!

    You see, this is what happens.  You think the US Open tennis tournament is fun for the whole family.  Your little budding Andy Roddick is okay watching the US Open all alone, while eating a snack of perhaps grapes with Pringles Original.

    He’s watching the tournament as you do yard work, and blammo!

    Our liberal counterparts are asking if there is anything wrong with this women’s dress.  They are asking if it is appropriate for a grown women to expose her sweaty thighs and vaginals for all the world to see!

    We have families who watch tennis.  My nieces are big tennis fans and they want to watch the tournament.  How can we even question if this is appropriate.  Would you invite a random woman in a black dress and yellow knickers into your bedroom, then watch as she sat there and grunted in this whore outfit?

    I didn’t think so.  It is not appropriate.  Just look at these sick images:

    [picappgallerysingle id=”9663602″]
    [picappgallerysingle id=”9657807″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657806″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657806″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657810″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657822″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657822″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657799″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657747″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657757″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657743″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657747″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657748″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657850″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657805″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657866″][picappgallerysingle id=”9658178″][picappgallerysingle id=”9658182″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663621″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663622″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663633″][picappgallerysingle id=”9658165″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663604″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663570″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663649″][picappgallerysingle id=”9673208″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663625″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663623″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663622″][picappgallerysingle id=”9663621″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657747″][picappgallerysingle id=”9657748″]

    I believe I can now rest my case.

    Ladies and gentlemen, parents nationwide, I implore you today to rule this whore dress guilty in the courts of our opinion. That’s all that matters. There must be a dress code for tennis or your daughters will think, “Wow, US Open Star Caroline Wozniaski can dress like that and it must be okay to walk by these prowling blacks and expose my sincovers to them and all will be fine!”

    They will think, “Oh, I am not very good at being a secretary. I know! I will wear those whore lace dress like my favorite tennis player Venus Williams and I am sure I will get a raise.”

    This is just teaching young girls to be whores and also making young men think about things they have no business. It is putting corruption into families and the tennis federation should be shamed for allowing these things to occur.

    I have shocked you and now you are angry, hurt and scared. So fix it! Demand a dress code for the US Open. Warn your daughters that dressing like whores will leave them attacked and dead like an alley drug prostitute!

    Tell your sons that if they dally girls, they will get disease and it will fall off! Then death and misery!

    These images are sickening and pray for your whole family. It is up to you, parents. No whore dresses at the US Open!

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