• Japanese Empire Launches First GPS Satellite

    September 12, 2010 12:52 am 13 comments
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  • December 8, 1941

    September 11, 2010

    3,000 Americans dead. That is what today has in common with December 8, 1941. It is on this day that foreign agressors, using technology crafted by the hands of their scientists and strategists, brought great sorrow upon our nation.

    We all know the story, my friends. Weeping mothers would watch from their home windows, as a tidy black car would drive up the lonely road to their homes. Men in neat suits would eventually emerge from the car, the eyes holding back tears. Their attempted air of resolute composure betrayed by the grief weighing heavily upon their countenance:

    “Ma’am,”, they would say, “I’m sorry, but your son has been murdered by the Japanese.”

    Your child has been murdered by the Japanese Empire.

    How many of you out there have children? Imagine their faces and all you been through together: their birth, their first steps, the first time they were sick, school and family vacation. The sound of their laughter you can still hear.

    Now imagine the horror and excruciating torment your heart faces if that message comes to you. Your child has been murdered, and there was something that could have been done about it.

    Today, parents and friends, the Japanese have launched a space vehicle which is allowing their army to once again build up its forces. The Japanese call this vehicle a GPS space satellite, but instead, we know their plans.

    Japan had no reason to ally themselves with Adolf Hitler during World War II. Japan attacked our innocent sons at Pearl Harbor for no reason. Japan had planned on invading the West Coast of America: California, Oregon and Washington, to the even more inward lands of Nevada, Idaho, Utah and the patriotic state of Arizona.

    These lands the Japanese planned to take for themselves. When the Japanese invade, they take all: your home, your possessions and the innocence of your children. This Japanese army wanted to invade America. Look at the horrors they afflicted upon those they conquer and the fear overcomes your heart and soul!

    How many of you readers today live in a state that Japan planned to attack? These would have been the horrors facing you: beheading, torture, rape. Look at the horrible things Japan did to their enemies. Their crimes actually outweight the atrocious machinations of Hitler and Stalin combined.

    Some of the Chinese women, tortured by the marching Japanese, were raped by over 100 Japanese soldiers per day. Their families were murdered before them, stabbed with bayonets until they lay in a bloody pulp in the dirt. Oft time the women were raped as their families were being murdered, all in the same room or proximity.

    When the women were used up, they were simply murdered and new women captured. The only thing that hampered the Japanese during World War II is this: a lack of a GPS satellite.

    In today’s time, we all carry cell-phones. A powerful GPS satellite would provide the Japanese government with the ability to not also track anyone on Earth’s cell-phone signal, but to also use a powerful telescope to manually survey any land from far above. Imagine the fate of the Chinese women who tried to hide from the Japanese Empire if this technology existed during World War II?

    Friends, Japan is forbidden from having a standing army or substantial technology that can be used for purposes of war. We did this because we cannot fully trust the Japanese ever again.

    They attacked our country for no reason, and planned to rape every ‘attractive’ female in America, from East coast to West coast. They did this to China. They did it to the Phillipines. Diaries exist that shows their soldiers were promised they could do this to America as well, and they fantasized about it.

    Japan will try to deny any of these things ever happened; you can read their propaganda here. They claim their technology is for legitimate purpose.

    Japan claimed the same for airplanes, but look what they did with that technology: they attacked Pearl Harbor. Japan used airplanes to drop the Beubonic death plague across China! Death plagues!

    Japan claims their robot armies are no concern, when we have found all of these secret dangers! Then last week, it was exposed that Japanese weapon contractors funded US research in creating a line of robots with the express purpose of tricking people!

    Then, the worst of all, Japan is corrupting our children with pornography. They code name this filth “Anime”, and when parents question, they will claim it is short for “animation”, even though they do not speak English in the first place.   The Japanese even build giant temples to celebrate this perversion.

    Penis festivals, anime pornography, secret Japanese spies who carry diseases and tempt businessmen into bed so they will carry the disease back to America. These are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Japanese Empire.

    The Japanese can be a beautiful people, but they still have not fully embraced morality as a society. We still have much work to do to bring them up to par in ethics. Until that time, we must keep the Japanese culture of old at bay and have them assimilate to our culture: they are progressing, but still, their innate hatred and perversion is strong. It is not yet rooted out.

    For this reason, this Japanese satellite must be shot down. We cannot allow them the temptation of having an instrument that can track any American down and give them the ability to invade and toture us.

    Your children’s lives are at stake. Beware the Japanese empire, remember their atrocities and let no one else forget. Beware.

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