• Jennifer Aniston To Go Topless in New Movie “Wanderlust”

    September 1, 2010 2:13 pm 9 comments
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    Jennifer Aniston is exposing her Milksacks in the new film “Wanderlust”. For her all of her sterling career, now spanning a good 60 years, Jennifer Aniston has refused to be immoral.

    She has remained chaste in relationships and has waited patiently for marriages. When you go to see her movies at the theater, you always knew it would be a feel-good romantic comedy.

    Now, she has sold out. Just like all the other Hollywood whoredevils, she is exposing her flip flaps to try to make the mouth’s of young boys water. Jennifer Aniston has failed to realize that instead of being the sweet girl-next-door image, she is now instead Satan’s chief harem prostitute.

    My friends, Satan knows we are in the dog days of summer. There is only one thing on the mind of every boy: let’s have a delicious milkshake treat to cool off. When they hear Aniston is exposing her milkbags in this new film, they will ask you for movie ticket money so they can go drink of her carnal carnation sins.

    Now Aniston must be added to the list of condemned Hollywood harlots. So long, Jennifer, and enjoy being raw sucked ridiculed for your sins for eternity, as Satan’s mouth never tires and he has an endless supply of Oreos.

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