• Jezebel.com Claims There Is No Such Things As Pandagators, Pandadogs

    September 1, 2010 9:03 am 22 comments
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    Before we begin today’s example of why women should remain in silence, let us first review history.

    During the age of Ethbaal, the Bible teaches us there was a great whore woman named Jezebel, a real flussy.

    Jezebel was a tempteress and did not have good morals. She oft times deceived people with liberal lies and twists too reality, all too common in the left-wing media to this very day.

    Even as great kings ruled in autonomy in those days, Jezebel was seen as an evil, slithering soothsayer, always with her hands perched and rubbing at a king’s throne. The book of Hebrews shows how Jezebel is a great “evil”. Even when Jezebel received power from her father Ethbaal, she, along with Ahab, used it to allow people to worship the false-god Ba’al and have sin orgies of atheism.

    It took Elisha and a company of eunuchs to overcome Jezebel’s devil powers, where they finally subdued her and tossed her out of her castle of power. Scripture reveals Jezebel was a prostitute and guilded herself in her best hooker’s clothing, so that in exchange for promising all the men ‘they could have their way’ they had to let her go and continue her evil of being wicked and talking out of line.

    Fortunately, Jezebel did not realize the meaning of the word ‘eunuch’, being genetically compromised in her second X chromosome, and therefore a little slow and dense.

    This story is just one of many which proves why women have no place in politics, higher church clergy or real journalism. Women are too fickle and too easily become corrupted. They try to use their sintreats, dangling them to and fro to get people to buy into what they’re saying.

    So with all these facts, why is it that someone would name their website Jezebel.com?

    It boggles the mind, but it seems this ‘news site’ has written an article about me, trying to condemn my report about Pandadogs and also Pandagators.

    Why does the liberal media love to tell lies? I proved it once and I will prove it once again with video: the Chinese are building animal hybrids, all in efforts to find beasts which they can unleash upon our shores and bring war to America.

    There really is not much to say, the video speaks for itself:

    There is no refuting my facts, so silence, ribs.

    Let us also remember that the Bible orders all women to remain in silence and observe. Do not forget that breaking the order from the Bible is a sure-fire way to have Satan order you up with a side of marinated sin, to digest for all times in the lowest belly bowels of hell.

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