• Katie Perry Tries to Expose Her Lesbian Milksacks on Sesame Street, Denied By Christian Protest

    September 23, 2010 12:08 pm 12 comments
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    Action Alert Update

    Katie Perry is a lesbian who uses singing to promote the gay agenda. Only a year ago, Katie Perry released a song named, “I Kissed A Girl And I Like It” and by no coincidence, right after this song’s release teenage girls in suburban schools saw a sharp increase in the incidence of lesbian diseases such as herpies, strep throat, mono and candied yeast infections.

    Katie Perry Exposes Breastes On Sesame Street So it should come as no surprise that Katie Perry continually seeks to expand her lesbian fanbase. Katie Perry knows that the teenage demographic has money from their parents or working with adult minorities at their little fast food or mall retail jobs, so if she can get their loyalty she will line her coffers with more blood money.

    Katie Perry is a tunafish lesbian.  By releasing a song where she takes no shame in talking about how she let her lips salivate with exchanged sin as she kissed another girl, she shows that her morals are no better than those scientists who created the gay pink dolphins.

    Loyal reader Janice Selvidge sent us an email last week, putting “URGENT” in her message header to the holymailbox.  When this email was forwarded to me, my heart sank through the floor and I had palpitations.

    The laissez-faire lesbian was taking her act to whole knew levels, finding new ways to dive into the life of our children and reach them with the tickling fingers of foul clam dabbling sins.  Katie Perry is trying a new hands on approach and her venue is children’s entertainment shows.  Her first choice:  Sesame Street.

    Janice sent us image stills of the episode where Katie Perry lifted girls in skirt blouses up into the air and exclaimed ‘wee this is fun’ and then laughed with delight as Prairie Ann and a girl played roll through the prairie grass.  Then she cheered even more when Maria the Mexican made mind-altering spicy chicken with secret wine and they ate it as they danced to Enya sounds!

    This is all a prelude to self containted underwater breathing apparations of lesbian gay sins!  I am outraged and you should be too!  The lesbians try to be flinty and veiled like a ghost, but in reality we know the truth.  All lesbians are covered with corn meal and fried in the eternal hotpans of hell!

    So I emailed Sesame Street and I demanded to talk to the producers.  I called PBS.  We prayed and launched an Action Alert.  Guess what?

    Satan’s lesbian agenda has been stopped dead in its carpet roller tracks.


    I would like to thank all of you who emailed you support and signed the petition.  We garnered over 4,300 signatures.  I mailed these into their offices and days later, received a letter of apology and a statement from producers saying they understand it was inappropriate. 

    This just goes to show that we still can control TV and stop the lesbians dead in their slithering tracks.

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