• ‘Lady’ Gaga Supports Gays in the Military, Aids

    September 22, 2010 3:39 am 21 comments
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  • Lady Gaga stands against the military, today joining a rally in Portland where she took the picture above and gave a speech in support of gays in the military.

    As you may know, gay lifestyle is very dangerous. The stats are alarming. Gays are 24 times more likely to get illnesses and diseases such as the pneumonia, GBD, psychosis, colon/prostate cancer, West Nile virus and tragic viruses such as HIV.

    Add to these facts that gays are very promiscuous and in their eyes, every male is attractive and fair game. Only a few months ago, our friend Dan Nordgren wrote the frightenly informative eye-opener Men Beware, The Gays are Out To Get You! And that they are, and now, they seek out to give our troops the worst type of unfriendly fire from behind.

    Dear friends, Satan loves a cheerful sinner, so imagine the smile on his face as our troops are attacked from two fronts. On one side, the terror armies of the Mideast attack them with rocket stones and sand missiles. The other, terpid Satan torpedos armed with herpie Aids and worse, doled out after tricking some innocent normal troops during a free weekend leave.

    Gays are predatory opportunists who have no spine or backbone. When is the last time you saw one in a challenging job?

    Have you ever seen Johnny Limpwrist fighting a fire or saving a bus full of children from a mean sized alligator gar?

    Would you trust a Sally Fakeman to jump on top of a terror bomb to save the life of his three brother’s in arms in the Akbar regions of Iraq?

    Why is it that so many of the gay community vote to become secretaries or nurses, when real men become the police, firemen, doctors and lawyers?

    It is because they give up and don’t like a challenge. Instead of studying hard in school, they would rather sit in their little perfumed rooms and think about fandling the squid dangles of normal men all around them. It is what they dream about and the same would be the same on the battlefield.

    They would surrender our arms for a rompus in a terror camp, the thoughts of being whipped and tortured sending gleeful joy through their sashayed marching cadence.

    Just like women can’t do heavy jobs as well as men, gays can’t do tough work as good as men. They need psych help and therefore have no place on the battlefield.

    Lady Gaga needs to go home and stop trying to spread sin.

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