• Megan Fox Unveils Her Secret Parts

    September 21, 2010 8:31 pm 4 comments
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    I keep warning everyone that M. Night Shalamalamala is an evil Indian devil. He wants to teach our children that pornography is a great and fun thing! He wants kids to think robots can evolve into love slaves so support Japanese anime pornography! I hope Schalalmalajy knows that when he dies, all Indian Buddhas shall burn in the deepest castes of hell!

    There is a dangerous actress named Megan Fox and she has been made popular by Shama. He tested her out in ‘private quarters’ and now has her exposed to the world. In transformers she wore tight whore devil jeans to entice boys to think that ‘okay, my sin twiddle is doing weird things so I’m just going to go ahead and think this movie about robot evolution is true and then twitters all my friends on Facebook so they will see it too!

    Look at this. No warning!

    Exposed flesh! Sin knickers. You can see the gentle footprints of the secret parts down below and in the milk dairy. She is exposting herself and it is to ruin and corrupt your family! Sin!

    Megan Fox is not a moral lady. She is of the cloth of Lindsay Lohan and worst of them all Olivia Munn. She is a devil stainless who uses her whore powers to cast the spells of lust and fornication over our teenage sons!

    Teenagers body’s are not meant to think about findangling a roger on a whonanny. That is why they have baseball and Scouts, not robotic porn shoots! Now this Megan Fox is using her 30 year old sin ticker to cause our boys to go go hell.

    Here is the video. Oh surprise, Megan Fox has uploaded her kink shoot to video so more kids can access it at school. Parents, demand we kick M. Night Schalamalamala out of our country. No sicko Hindi hanky pinks kinky in our schools and our children. Indians believe in creatures with 8 arms and that cows are holy, so you cannot trust them making movies for children.

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