• Michael Grimm is Possessed by A Black Man

    September 12, 2010 12:59 pm 3 comments
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    This week we are reviewing the last four acts of America’s Got Talent. The talent show features random acts from all across America, all competing for a $1 million dollar prize ($234,000 after Obama taxes it) and then a headline show in Las Vegas.

    One of the final contestants on this show is a man named Michael Grimm. On first appearances, he seems normal enough. He has Mississippi proper manners and respects his elders. The boy is modest, which is good.

    He wears a man’s clothing, unlike the gay agenda Prince Poppycock who reminds us all why gays shall burn in hell! Michael Grimm dressed much like Johnny Cash, who was a tough man who just made some bad choices with Satan’s drug cabinet.

    You would think with all these things, Michael Grimm could be a candidate we could cheer and use our Droid Cellular Family Plans to text in and call to vote to victory, to ensure this gay Prince Poppycock gets sent home!

    But then the boy opens his mouth and you know Satan has been busy. When you hear an old black man who has been through a hard life, he has a certain sound to his voice. Go to your local downtown and found a prowling black who is older, maybe in hims 60s or 70s. Make sure he has snaggled teeths in his mouth.

    Make sure you have some police with you or at least 4 or 5 of the boys with you, in case he tries to rob you. Then, tell him you will give him ten dollars if he sings for you. He will smile and sing. Listen to the sorrow and raspy strain in that voice. All struggling blacks get it when they are old.

    Now, this is how old black men are able to sing the blues. They have this power and it is usually from surviving a tough life of drugs, hookers, gun shot violence and cheating black womens. All typical fair.

    Now listen to this boy. His voice does not fit and you can tell there is the spirit of an alley black in him.

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