• Michelle Obama Caught In Lesbian Acts

    September 25, 2010 12:11 pm 14 comments
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    We have already proven beyond a doubt that Barack Hussein Obama is a homosexual. This is why he supports gay marriage and abortion. Obama has no respect for life, so how can we expect him to lead a proper household?

    Michelle Obama has a track record of nastiness. Just look at all of the wrong she has done:

    Complete Documentation of Michelle Obama: hating homeless, hating America, supporting terror, being a flussy, whoredemon, bad mother, typical black bad mother, gang violence and more

    So it comes as no surprise that she is a lesbian.

    This photograph is allegedly of British origin. It shows that Michelle Obama has no shame and is making out with a prostitute hooker, most likely she found in a chavvy alley. Why she is making lip locks with a snook toothed British hooker is beyond any rationality, but there is the proof of above. Maybe just like her husband the terror supporter, Michelle Obama likes to be tongue deep in the redcoats.

    The Obama are not loyal to America. They claim to be Christian, yet we see they are both a part of the gay movement. Obama frolicks topless in Hawaii and fondles cabana boys. Michelle Obama gets caught kissing British bed soothers on expensive vacation, on our tax dollars.

    The Obamas are a really bad family. Take the daughters away, put Michelle back in the hood and try Obama for betraying America by not nuking Iran. All problems solved.

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