• Minorities Bring Domestic Violence to US Open

    September 3, 2010 8:11 pm 38 comments
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  • Tennis and golf, the sports of gentleman and refined class. For years, these two sports have been clean and pure, and place where the family can learn how to play the sport, and then go to nice resorts and stadiums to see the pros play their trade.

    We started to see trouble with these two sports, years ago, when an Afro named Arthur Ashe took to the courts, bringing the ‘race card’ and all of that depressing nonsense into a clean sport. Soon after, a Muslim black golfer named Vijay Singh ruined golf by using his devil powers, such as this impossible shot where he cheated using his Arab wind chants.

    It’s bad enough that we get more and more people of certain background into these unyoked sports, but then the problem escalates when you get people in the cfowd from a wrong socioeconomic demographic.

    Some liberals will get up in tights and say it’s not true, that people like Tiger Woods and the Williams’ sisters are not attracting people not properly socialized for sports like golf and tennis into our presence and sports, but look at this.

    Here is the scene at the most recent US open:

    It is hard to say the nationalities here, but I’d assume Mexican and or Arab. We see there is a fight taking place, an altercation. Instead of watching a good, wholesome sport, we see fights.

    It is no coincidence that in black and Mexican neighborhoods, there is a whopping incidence of 68% domestic violence and 84% of that leading to arrests. Contrast this to a 9% for Asian neighborhoods and a sterling 1.4% in white neighborhoods, and recent studies suggest of that 1.4%, over half are related to substance abuse/alcoholic abuse, meaning the people in question hare perturbed judgment.

    As reported by our friends at the Daily Mail, the proper crowd was highly disturbed and had their experience ruined.

    Look at these shocking images:

    The father on the prowl, defending his daughter from the cursing man. Whereas this situation could have been resolved with calm words and an offer to buy a beer, it was instead escalated with fist violence.

    We soon see a pack mentality emerge from others in the crowd, not even affiliated with the two who were fighting:


    There is not much more that needs to be said. 

    Cultural Participation in Social Events:  A Case Study

     Today’s incident at the US Open provides an excellent case-study.  Social venues and events are the product of particular segments of society.

    Jewish people may throw a bah-mitzvah.  If you invite 30 gun-toting gangsters into a little nosers big Jewish party, problems may erupt.  The Jewish parents may not appreciate their little girls being hit on by gyrating gangsters with large bottles of alcohol.  Guns are seen clipped to belts and everyone become frightened.  The gang members pull out their “Magic Mint” and smoke it, giving Grandma Edna the giggles and a drug high from the vapors.  The bay-mitzvah is ruined.

    Having the wrong people at the US open is no different than the example I have given above, and I’m sure, other scenarios you may have in mind as well.

    Tennis represents so much more than a simple sport; it represents a certain upbringing and way of life.  Tennis is a sport for proper people of a more well-rounded, educated background.  It is a sport meant to be watch in silence and discipline.  The same goes for golf.

    People try to say it’s a race thing keeping blacks from sports like tennis and golf.  I say it’s a cultural thing.

    If you were to go to a black church, for instance, you would find everything to be loud and out of order.  There is no order.  There is yelling, sweating, screaming and songs that never end.  The preachers dance around in golden robes and throw golden plates at the congregation, claiming that miracle will happen to those who give their checks, wheter they be proper or welfare.  This just reflect the loud, lax black culture of American, and there is nothing wrong with that.

    It goes to figure that blacks tend to enjoy basketball.  The sport is loud, faced-paced and allows improvisation.  It is not so highly scripted.  Even when blacks participate in football, notice they like to be either running back or wide receiver.  These positions are more ‘free spirited’ and get to roam, and when they break away, they can even do tribal dances to celebrate an impressive catch or run.  These are the same tribal dances blacks do in their churches.

    White people are more refined and disciplined.  We like order and the games of golf and tennis are games of refined order.  That is why you see more white people with an interest in it, and on the weekends, you’ll see doctors, judges and the like taking to the links or their local tennis clubs.

    It is all cultural.  The more we try to press improper sports on the wrong classes of people in our country, the more we will see this type of violence break-out.  Minorities will become bored at a good tennis match and their genetic urge for action and excitement will kick in, then you get the scene from up above.

    It’s just a part of human nature. 


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