• More Proof That Obama Is An Adulterer

    September 29, 2010 1:33 am 18 comments
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    After the humble vows of God-ordained marriage are said, in the fields of Adultery one should not tread! But Obama thinks he is above the rhyme and reason of God, so he has dared treat where only the decandent and doomed Hammites burn to a crisp not even the hottest Africa savannah can create!

    Obama has been many things: liar, Muslim, Indo, abortionist, liberal, Socialist pinko, anti-Israel, anti-American, anti-Oil and anti-Christian. Obama is dang near the anti-Christ with his love for atheism.

    What is even more grave before God than these crimes? Adultery!

    Barack Hussein Obama married a woman named Michelle Obama. Yes, Michelle Obama has no class and likes to take lavish $50 million vacations on the taxpayer money during a recession, loves to wear $500 shoes to soup kitchens to taunt the homeless and then we all know she is a flussy from her highschool prom dress.

    That still is no excuse for what Obama is doing. We are 90% sure Obama has had illegal gay touches. What’s even worse, is we caught him frolicking with gays in Hawaii after that expose!

    Even worst than this, however, is the latest of what Obama is doing. In typical fashion for someone of his genetic condition, he can’t resist the fairer!

    This image was captured during a sound/video test for a news station. The reporters thought it would be funny and great to joke about Obama’s secret trists up to Maine and now we see why he went there alone last month. He’s going back there next week, so her friends decided to have some fun.


    Adulterer. I wish that we could still brand certain people. I’d come out of my home and order Mr. Obama front and sinner. I would call out to all the townsfolk and on national tv, proclaim: “A sinner. America brands you with an A. You have betrayed America, your God and your country. Shame, Obama. Shame!”

    I would sneer with disgust as Obama bore his scarlet A, a symbol of the deepest shame. I would cheer with the crowds as Obama admitted his guilt and was forced to resign or face impeachment like his little buddy Bill Clinton.

    Why is it that Democrats cannot be faithful? It is because they have no morals and no love for God. How can a people or movement who believe that the perverted, unfaithful gays should be ‘married’ have any respect for their own relationships?

    The answer is they cannot. Obama is a cheater, the picture proves it. When 2012 comes around, just remember, President George W. Bush was a good man who loved his wife, just like his father President George H.W. Bush. And Ronald Reagan.

    In in 2012, just like Jeb Bush.

    Remember, Obama is a scarlet brand and the only other scarlet there is scarlet fever, a death plague.

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