• Obama Gives Your American Tax Dollars To Rebuild 63 Muslim Terror Mosques Around the World

    September 6, 2010 2:20 pm 67 comments
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  • Millions of Americans are losing their jobs and their homes, thousands are going hungry. In the midst of all this, Barack Obama can’t give your money away to foreigner terror imams fast enough.

    The Associated Press has just released vital reports which show the Obama administration will give away $6 million dollars, our tax dollars, to rebuild 63 Islamic mosques and minarets, in over 55 countries. The proof from the State Department here and Americans nationwide are furious.

    Americans nationwide are livid and your heart boils with rage. Our nation is in a recession. Millions of people, perhaps you or a loved one, have been hit by the economic downfall: Americans are losing their jobs. Americans are losing their homes. American children are being forced to go without lunch at school.

    And Obama continues to tax us more and more money, to only give it away to foreign nations and rebuild their mosques!

    This is outrageous and grounds for impeachement. What would happen in America if we used taxpayer money to rebuild every single chuch! Liberals would take to the street, or worse, Muslims would blow it up!

    There is to be seperation of church and state, yet Obama once again shows his true colors and supports Muslims. Obama’s soul is dark as night, with no trace of good or Christianity, despite his claims! He is a man with a dark background, a harbringer of doom who only wants a shadowy future for America!

    In a time of war, when we are at War With Terror, Obama dares defy the will of President George W. Bush. The will of every true American: no terrorists. Even as these cowardly terrorists murder our Sons and Our daughters in Afghanistan, Barack Obama gives them millions of our dollars to spend as they please. They will only buy more weapons to try to kill us with!

    Report shows Obama wrote a check to China, for $76,000, to restore China’s one grand Muslim mosque. Obama then flew to Pakistan and wrote the Pakis a check for $67,000, to restore several mosques known to house anti-American hadith scrolls. The White House, only last week,cut more checks to Muslim terror countries Nigeria and Mauritania, giving them $77,000 in your money!

    Then the Indian Islamic Movement. Obama gave them $50,000 to found Islam centers in India. In India, the home of 1 billion, Obama funded terrorists. Obama is giving your money to support recruitment to the terror hordes of Al-Qaeda!

    No one in government dares stand against Obama. Even our supposed purveryor of truth around the world, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, dares say the U.S. program to restore Islamic mosques is ‘money well spent’.

    Take Action, America!

    We will not let Obama spend our money on mosques! Let the mosques crumple and die! They had no problem crumpling our World Trade Center on that day of infamy! Let us let nature and God take course upon their poorly built structures!

    Why is, America, the land that FORBIDS OUR GOVERNMENT FROM PARTICIPATING IN MATTERS OF FOREIGN RELIGIONS LIKE ISLAM, giving millions of dollars to imams, who fund terror, preach terror and build terror training centers. All they do in these mosques is use them as a symbol against our American government and our American Christian heritage. They hate America because we are at War With Terror.

    Take Action, America!

    Call your congress right now! Here is a list for this Moral Action Alert. Call them!

    Contact your Congressional member right now. In your email or phone call with your Congressional member, ask them why Barack Hussein Obama is being allowed to spend our tax dollars to restore ‘cultural, historical mosques around the world’. Ask them, why Obama has taken a $6 million dollar cut from our American pockets to fund places where terrorists worship!

    Tell them that if they think it is okay, why don’t they go on national tv and tell everyone, that they are sitting down and saying nothing while Obama is spending $6 million dollars of your hard earned money to restore mosques in foreign countries.

    This is an outrage and there is no excuse for it. Obama must answer for his actions! Congress must hold him accountable or get voted out! We will expose all who supported Obama in this! AMERICA DOES NOT FUND TERROR!

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