• POLL: 35% of Americans Want Bush Back Right Now, 67% in 2012

    September 22, 2010 8:47 am 15 comments
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    Nathan Saft

    Democracy. That is a good word and it is the word the good and quality country of America is built upon.

    America is a county where the people rule. We are a land of the people, by the people and for the people. America is one nation under God. It says so in our pledge. We trust in God. It says so on our heaven sent currency, the lifeblood and validation of the world.

    So how good is it to know that Americans are coming back to their senses. 35% of Americans, over 40 million people, want President George W. Bush back in office, right now. You can read the poll here.

    In 2012, 67% of America wants President George W. Bush to take office once more.

    Democracy. The wil of the people ruling the government. This means that in 2012, we should just go ahead and put President George W. Bush back into office. America is saying no to Barack Hussein Obama. Over half of America hates Obama and wants him to resign on grounds of supporting terrorists and not being an American proper.

    President George W. Bush hates terrorists, because they hate our freedom. President George W. Bush vowed to smoke all terrorists out of their sand holes and he did just that. President George W. Bush announced Mission Accomplished as we hanged Saddam for his sins against America and mainly for burning precious oil. This is why we are Christian nation of favor and peace for all: we bring an end to those who hurt that what’s most precious.

    Obama’s middle name is Hussein, so he wept when his relative Saddam Hussein was vanquished at the strong hands of American George W. Bush. This is why America wants Bush back and we must say “NoBama” in 2012.

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