• Richard Dawkins Creates ‘Atheist Camp’ For Children, Gays Salivate

    September 21, 2010 8:58 pm 23 comments
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    Richard Dawkins is an evolution scientist who believes that a proto-man dallied a female monkey to create us modern people. At the core of evolution theory is the notion of monkey-man reproduction, along with the belief that all life started from a “Big Bang” that cannot be proven.

    For this reason, people like Richard Dawkins are dangerous. The vehemently preach and teach that we came from nothing, and that it’s normal for a man to roger a female monkey at the zoo. They think that’s how evolution can occur and modern humans were made. This thought makes gays salivate.

    So imagine the overwhelming joy that gays must have right now. Richard Dawkins just announced his 3rd annual Secret Secluded Camp For Godless Heathen Boys. That name alone means the boys have no morals and will trust gays when they say “don’t tell your mommy and daddy, shhh, it is a fun twinky surprise!”

    Gays love nothing more than to dabble our children in the behind. While they sit at their little office secretary or nursing jobs, gays think about plungering children about 70% of the time during their days. This is why for every one homo, four of our sons or daughters will be back tragically back bothered.

    Gays are a sick people, and when you combine that with atheists you have nothing but a hell heap of trouble waiting. At this camp, Richard Dawking plans on having the following activities:

    – Daily indoctrination of atheist religion via hymns and false texts, as described here. This is wrong because when children should have free will

    John Lennon wife Yoko Ono– John Lennon Song Class. Dawkins is going to make each children learn songs by famed socialist commie John Lennon. John Lennon married a gay man named Yoko Ono and it caused the Beatles to break up. Before this, John Lennon did drugs, had a secret gay music relationship with his producer and then wrote secret lyrics about it in his songs, and then was killed after crossing his Soviet comrades.

    Gay Camp Counselors – Since atheists think it is normal for a man to fingle a monkey, they see no problem with gays fingling anthing else either. They have no beleif in God or the Bible, so they have no morals and therefor applaud when children get snatched by praying gays.

    All of these things and more.  How sad is it to know that there are children out there, being forced to think that gays are normal?

    Isn’t it heartbreaking that babies are being taught that abortion is a good thing and that people who murder them should not get in trouble?

    Think about the confusion this causes your children.  When a gay snatches them up and tells them, “Now I’m going to get you with my Satan dagger and then a real dagger, okay?” your child will think, “Well, at camp they taught me that gays are normal, and that it is fine for our politicians and doctors to murder babies, so okay!”

    You children will not put up a fight, because in the mind of an atheist, a “gay abortionist” is something that everyone should embrace and parents, it is just sick and scary.  All a man has to do is tell your child he is a gay abortionist after one of these camps, and your child will stick out his hand and go home with him.  You’ll never see your child again until the case is solved and talked about on the 5 o’clock news, you will be crying and tearful interviews.

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